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Assalam O Alaikum.

Abdul Rahman

Founder and Editor in Chief

Abdul Rahman is a young aspiring enthusiastic student from Pakistan.

Brief Introduction:-

We are neither a Corporate Organization nor an Institution. The website is created with intention to cater the needs of enthusiasts craving authenticity in the contemporary business and technology updates.


Inaugurated in January 2010 International Business Science aims to provide useful content under one umbrella.

Being exposed to online journalism at a very young age we strive hard to teach the generation that is ambitious yet financially clueless.

The authors are highly passionate to exchange few words upon the current industry happenings, approaching changes in technology and love speculating upcoming trends.

Stay tuned as more exciting updates are lined up.

We have no ownership rights to any trademarks or copyrights. Just personal blog maintained as a hobby. No violation or infringement of copyright, patent and trademarks is intended. Please report at your earliest if you find any content rip off, violating laws, inappropriate or infringing any copyrights.

“We have no intentions to speak ill of any one“.

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