How to lose weight in a healthy way?

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Did you feel embarrassed the last time anybody pointed out on your weight and body figure?

 If Yes then you desperately need to reduce your body weight. The Continuos taunts by your fellows pump you from inside to lose weight in a hurry. Well It is nothing unnatural as I myself once felt the same.

Ok, to be honest getting rid of Obesity is not as much a big problem as it appears to be. You have to just follow some simple tips and tricks to make your body lose surplus weight.

Hmmm..! , a lot of Bulky people envy others on the fact that others eat far more than them but still are slim. Well…! to some extent this point is valid.  Some people have natural tendency not to gain weight as their body is has less  Fat Cells and Adipose Tissues on which Fat Accumulates.

The More they eat the less is their weight because their body expells the extra energy from their body in the form of Waste Material.

 One Thing you should always bear in your mind that nothing happens overnight. If you have to achieve something then you have to work hard.  No body can turn slim through any magic but anybody interested has to pay the price not in the form of monetary terms but in the form of determination and patience.

Below are a series of steps that one should practice losing extra weight.

Step 1:-

First of all expell all rubbish myths from your mind that you will be able to lose your weight by eating fat reducing tablets or any supplement of this type as they are only fake entices to trap ordinary consumers like you and even if they show results they are of temporary nature and will quickly vanish once you give up intaking those products. They may even harm your body and various systems like digetive system and endocrine system.

Step 2:-

Now relax and measure your body weight through a weight machine. If it is not available then see yourself closely in the mirror and observe how much slim you want to be.  Set a Standard Benchmark and then devote yourself Whole Heartedly Towards your goal of looking smarter.

Step 3:-

Make a strong Comitment with yourself that you will never give up inputing your efforts until you achieve your desired results. The Best way is to keep yourself busy in your every day routine without even thinking that you are starving. Do not let your dieting effect your every day activities especially if you are a student. Engage yourself in Studies or other Work that you have to do without imagining that you are weak to perform your duty as a consequence of less meals.

Step 4:-

Do not Disclose your secret to any body other then your close blood relatives that you are now starting a healthy Diet to get rid of surplus fat.

Step 5:-

The Next step is to choose a healthy Diet plan for yourself. Remember you have to control your hunger if you want to reduce weight as eating low calorie diet may not prove to be fruitful unless you eat it in a smaller amount then your daily needs.

Suppose you are a 18 Year Old Teen who is 5 feet 10 inches Tall and your weight is 88 Kgs then you need about 1500-2000 calories Daily and you should keep your intake to about 500 Calories per Day while dieting.

Take yourself by collar and make a stong ambition that you would not let your food intake exceed your set target.

You can download a list of different Foods and Vegetables along with the Calories they possess through Internet.

A suggestion is that in Breakfast you should take one boiled egg with a cup of tea otherwise you can take Beef/Chicken or Meat Cutlets (kebabs) not more then Two of them and fry them on the Sauce Pan in least of Cooking Oil. For Lunch you can have just Two (Cutlets) Kebabs which you may increase to about 3 but not more than that. For dinner Eat Roasted Chicken Piece, Sheep Meat,Beef or Fish Piece but it should be free from Oil.

Try rotating your diet so that your body may not slow down your metabolism consuming less as compared to your normal energy requirement.


A lot of people say that we lose weight rapidly during the start of our dieting but with passage of time we start losing less weight. The reason is that in your early stages most of the body weight that you lose is of the extra water and muscles in your body. For this reason you feel a bit sleepy and indolent during first week of your dieting. The Pace of weight reduction turns down when body starts consuming original fats. You know it took a lot of time for you to accumulate this fat in your body so the same time will be required for you to lose that extra weight. The only key to succeed is patience and self comitment.

Step 6:-

Monitor your body figure and Weight Daily. It is better to write down the Date on which you lost weight like from 88 Kgs on 1st January to 87 Kgs on 3rd January.

Do not let the shadow of despair prevail upon you when you stop losing weight for some time. Just think that it is natural and one day you will find yourself to be successful in sheding off your extra weight.

Stick to your goals, Do not eat anything in greed when you have a chance to eat good meals free of cost especially at party’s and dinner Invitations. If any of your fellow or relative asks you to stop your dieting for one day just humbly request that if you want good for me then please let me follow my plan otherwise it will be difficult for me to produce substantial results.

Step 7:-

Just monitor your weight and observe if your weight stops to move for about 3-4 days this means that you have reached a weight loss Pleateau. This stage is where the body adjusts itself to the energy intake and you stop losing your weight. Imagine if you are starving and keep on losing weight in the same manner then one day you will lose all of your body weight. This is a natural resistance from our body against losing  weight.

To overcome this stage first of all stop dieting for about 3-4 Days and avoid taking in oily or junk food during period of freedom from Dieting.

Now start your dieting again slowly reducing the number of calorie Intake like reduce about 200 calories per day to reach 500 Calories per day from 1800 calories per day in case of no dieting. You will notice that gradually your weight will start shedding off again and you will feel much more energetic and efficient.

Step 8:-

Do not give much importance to people when they say that you are getting slim with the passage of time as some times they may make you over confient and a bit lineant towards your diet remeber you have to follow diet plan strictly.

Step 9:-

Walking for half an hour daily may top up your dieting and try to avoid doing too much exercises as the more you exert pressure on your body the earlier your body tissues will turn lose and you will gain weight again after you have refrained from dieting.

Step 10:-

Once you have achieved desired body weight Maintain a healthy lifestyle and Healthy Diet if you want to stay fit and slim otherwise dealing carelessly with your everyday routine may push you agian into obesity.


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