The Negative Health Effects Caused by Mobile Phones

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The Negative Health Effects Caused by Mobile Phones

A review over the negative health effects that may emerge as a consequence of using Mobile Phones. A thorough guide on the diseases you may suffer through the excessive use of Mobile Phones and the steps you could take in keeping the usage of Mobile Phones at safe levels. Spread this message to everybody whom you care. Keep Mobile Phones away from your body.

Today Rise Dream Decided to cover a very serious issue regarding the developing negative health effects you may be unaware of through the excessive use of Mobile Phones.

In your ambiance, for example your Class Room, Office or a Recreational Park, you could observe that now even a small kid is busy with mobile phone sending and receiving unnecessary text messages and calls that not only waste valuable time but also cost money.

Mobile Phones are a very good invention of Modern Science as we may remain in touch with each other all the time and communication is revolutionized through the availability of Cellular Phones. 

Although The primary purpose of Mobile Phones is to serve Genuine Needs of Man Kind but nowadays we are making mobile phones harmful for us.
An old saying states 

Excess of every thing is bad

For Instance, Food is meant to fulfill our energy requirement and it is compulsory for our survival but we may turn over weight, fat and bulky if we consume too much of Food which is more than our daily requirement. The same is the case here with Mobile Phones. 

If we use Cellular Phones for a long time then we may be confronted with alarming issues especially those related to our health.

For years various Doctors and Media Reports have been warning ordinary public about the serious diseases that may emerge as a reaction to addiction with mobile phones. We should keep the use of Mobile Phones only limited to making very urgent and important Calls/ Text Messages and must avoid pushing ourselves into continuous use of Cellular Phones.

Negative Radiations cause Adverse Effects from Mobile Phones Usage

Mobile(Wireless, Cell) phones use microwave radiation for operation and communication. Microwave Radiation is very harmful for Human Health. A lot of you people may have heard that we should avoid living near Mobile Phone Towers and we should never keep Mobile Phones in our Shirt’s Front Pocket near our heart. 

Microwave radiation is a collection of Electromagnetic waves. A lot of us might have read this terminology in our Science Book and If you are regular Science Student at a higher class then you might have experienced this term in your Physics Book. Below are listed some of the Health Disadvantages which may arise as a result of abundant usage of Mobile Phones.

Negative Health Effects Mobile Phones

The Electromagnetic waves change the electric activity of  human brain which is very harmful for an individual’s health. The more use of Cell Phones may cause a disturbance in sleep. If a person is Cell Phone addict then he may find it difficult to concentrate on simple issues, suffer from fatigue, headache  and may take longer to react and respond.

Many doctors suggest to use Mobile Phones for less time because excessive use of Mobile Phones may increase the resting blood pressure and reduce the production of hormone melatonin. Electromagnetic waves are also involved in the breakdown of DNA strands inside body cells.

To explain a bit further Cell phones damage important brain cells. Various Researchers have commented that harmful radiation from mobile phone handsets damage key areas of the brain associated with movement,learning and memory.

There are more risks for severe diseases like mouth cancer, brain cancer, brain tumors and leukemia. In some cases teens are strictly advised to eliminate the surplus exposure towards Mobile Phones as the microwave radiation may cause male infertility.

Minimize Negative Health Effects Mobile Phones

If you are to minimize the negative health effects caused by excessive mobile phone usage here are some simple tips to follow in  keeping the use of Mobile Phones safe.

A common problem is that we keep our cell phones near our pillow while sleeping because we use our Mobile Phones to set Alarms. It is advised to use simple analog or digital clocks for the purpose of Alarms as they may perform the same task efficiently.

We must minimize the use of Cell Phones and we must not attach the Mobile Phone directly to our ear as we may face electromagnetic radiation directly effecting our brain.

Instead it is advised to use hands free and to keep mobile phone away from body or at least the chest and face all the time.

Try to keep mobile phone away from your heart like never keep mobile phone in your shirt’s pocket as in some circumstances a person may feel Cardiac (Heart) problems as a result of these harmful radiations.

Try meeting physically your friends or relatives  instead of talking on the line as you could reduce risks attached with unhealthy use of mobile phones.

Try to avoid answering calls from numbers that are alien to you as most of them are irrelevant calls that waste your time marketing for new products or trapping you as their prey for their next attempt to fraud. They may also be wrong prank calls.

Well this article tried to keep you up to date with the rising issues regarding your precious health and how you may avoid indulging in activities that lead to a unhealthy use of Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Wireless Phones or any other technology of communication using microwave radiation electromagnetic waves.

Our Safety is in our own hands.

Additional Resources Wikipedia Article on Mobile Phone Radiation health Effects

mobile phones negative adverse health effects

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