Edit Payee Name Adsense Account no longer exists for Pakistani’s

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Edit Payee Name Adsense Account no longer exist for Pakistani’s

Google no longer allows Edit Payee Name Adsense Account for Pakistani Publishers. A hard step by Google but Pakistani’s should be notified

Well, if you are an Adsense publisher from Pakistan, than rest assured the convenience of Edit Payee Name Adsense offered by Google is over.

Recently, I have heard a lot of Pakistani Publishers complaining that the option to edit payee name adsense publisher has suddenly vanished from their Account Dashboards.

This is a huge set back to all the Talented Adsense Publishers in Pakistan who have expertise in all walks of life and on the web fraternity with the evidence of best blogs and forums laying their origins from Pakistan.

I am not sure whether this problem is also persistent with publishers from other countries but surely Google is on fire towards its Pakistani affiliates.

Hmmmm…! this a terrible act by Google. In the Official Google Help page the Countries in which you are unable to update or edit payee name does not include Pakistan but still Pakistani’s are unable to edit payee name adsense account manually.

Frankly Speaking  Google is in a mood to tease Pakistani’s without any solid reason.

However, there is a possibility of a Technical Error in Adsense System.

A silly error if  in reality  it is.

But The Thing is that Google must at least mention it within their help page that they have changed the regulations for Adsense Publishers.

This is ridiculous if you log in to your account one day and you find that you are unable to change or edit your payee name within your adsense account manually.

A lot of adsense Publishers who do not explore their account may be unaware of this activity by Google.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is a rapidly growing Adsense Market. Pakistani’s are the owners of one the best websites in the World.

Now with the saturation of Publishers and Advertisers within this field from Pakistan. Google has started to behave like a step mother towards Pakistani Publishers.

I am not here to write ill about Google but I think to be honest this is a deception from Google Adsense.

At least Pakistani’s have a right to be notified that the rules are now changed for Pakistan.

You have to define proper Guidelines before implementing something new.

If it is a bug within Adsense Software then Google should test the expertise of their recruited Engineers.

An unfair act by Google and must be solved as soon as possible.

The article highlights the recent move by Google of disabling the option Edit Payee Name Adsense Account only to Pakistani Publishers.

edit payee name adsense


Google have now officially listed Pakistan in countries where Adsense publishers can not edit payee name.

Abdul Rahman+ is a young enthusiastic student from Pakistan. Follow on Facebook, Digg, Twitter and Stumble Upon

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