Watch Geo News TV Channel Pakistan Online

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Watch Geo News TV Channel Pakistan Online

Geo News is a 24/7 News TV Channel from Pakistan. Geo News is owned by Jang Group Pakistan One the biggest News Paper Groups in Pakistan. Geo News is One of The Top 5 Television Channels in Pakistan with huge viewership base in Pakistan and Middle East..

The famous Programs include News Bulletin, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, Capital Talk, Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath, Geo Ajuba, Geomentary etc.


Although the channel is yet available free to view over the Internet but in regards to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility we have decided to remove all streaming links from our website. We do not own copyrights for the channel so have no right to embed the video here. Thanks for your patience.

Disclaimer Notice:-  Rise Dream . Com is not responsible for any infringement of Copyright act. All The TV Channels content and trademarks are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. We are not involved in the creation of any of the live streams. All of the channels listed here are just hyperlinks from other streams. Please Bear in Mind we have no link to any of these channels and if any body wants his TV channel or Personal Stream to be listed here just use our contact page. Moreover if you find any thing on this website violating copyright act then it is purely unintentional and please do report to us at our contact page. We are a user based website hence we are not responsible for any thing.

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