Pakistan Cable Association lifts ban on Telecast of IPL Matches

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Pakistan Cable TV Association have lifted the ban imposed on the telecast of IPL season 3 2010 Cricket Matches.

A lot of Cable TV Operators were violating the code of conduct designed by Cable TV Association and were showing IPL 2010  Matches Live on their Cable TV Networks.

With  a mutual decision Pakistan Cable TV Association have now decided that they will telecast Indian Premiere League 2010 Live From India.

The Ban was imposed by Cable TV Association when Indians tried to humilate Pakistani’s by not bidding on any of the Pakistani cricket Team players and pretending that they do not qualify to play for their team.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is the Champion of Twenty Twenty Cricket Tournament and Pakstani’s are the best Cricket Players in this format of the game Cricket.

The conspiracy was later acknowledged by the Organisers of the Tournament when the World realised a clear depiction of Enemity and Jealousy by Indians.

On One hand they are saying for “Aman Ki Asha” a message of Peace and on the other hand acting “Jalan Ki Bhasha” the language of hatred.

Why do they envy Pakistan?.  A question that concludes with the answer that their Minds are obsessed by Inferiority Complex.

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