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Noori Band The New Walls Cornetto Rockstars in Pakistan

With huge success in last two seasons of 2008-2009 this time Walls Cornetto (Ice Cream Manufacturing Company) Pakistan have selected Noori Band as lead Rock stars of their advertisement.

Noori Band have just come out with the Cornetto Sponsored Jingle “Jhoom Lay” that is currently on aired on Pakistani Television and Radio Channels.

The main singer of the song is Ali Hamza and also the lead model while Ali Noor is just awesome with his part of the vocals and Video appearence.

Again, Cornetto is ready to make high sales after the broadcast of this advertisement, as this time the song is as good as it was in last two seasons.

The song is really catchy and we hope that it will be highly successful in the marketing of Wall’s Cornetto.

We remember season One in Late 2007 and Early 2008 with Jal The Band from Pakistan and Amrita Rao from India with the popular Wall’s JingleChaltay Chaltay Phir Yahan Aa Gaey” in the Vocals and Compostion of Pakistani Rockstars Jal The Band that made waves both in Pakistan and across the border.

Moreover, to the delight the same advertisement was telecasted in India for Promotion of Wall’s Cornetto.

In 2009Call The Band was chosen to be the Models of Cornetto Advertisement. Their Jingle “Ho Janay De” made a great success among the masses and Cornetto started to capture a lot of Ice Cream Market Share in Pakistan.

The three members of Call The Band, Xulfi, Junaid and Sultan were too good and proved that Pakistan is the Nursery of Biggest Rockstars in the World.

A Couple of days ago Wall’s was showing a Teaser of the Promotional Jingle that Guess Who gonna be the next rockstars of Cornetto and send an sms with your guessed Rock band of Pakistan and the Suspense was over on 14 March 2010 when the Jingle was unveiled and this time the Two Bothers Musical Band “Noori” were the Rockstars of Cornetto.

Walls is really very optimystic over the jingle and is hoping to receive a great response from the viewers.

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    This song is so energetic by Noori band. Best song in cornetto Advertisements.

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