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Junaid Sheikh The Pakistani Music Rockstar Changed his Life

Junaid Sheikh is now a Former Pakistani Music Rock star. He was a contestant of Music reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.

Junaid Sheikh was born in December 1982. His name is Junaid Sheikh Attari and currently resides Pakistan’s Business Capital City Karachi.

Junaid Sheikh started his career in Music and made a lot of Television appearances in Pakistan. He was picked up for the title track of HUM TV Pakistan Drama Serial 6 Degrees in 2005-2006.

He was also picked up for the title sound track of Pakistani Drama Serial Karachi High an Entertainment Drama Serial on the school life of some energetic kids which was on aired on Ary Digital Channel Pakistan in late 2004 and early 2005. His song is “Kitabon Mein Likh Di Dil Ki Kahani” for that Drama.

Junaid was working well in Pakistani Music Industry when one day a reality music show was advertised in Pakistan. It was officially announced that auditions will be conducted in Karachi and Lahore with courtesy of “The Musik” now changed to “ARY Music” TV Channel Pakistan.

The Contest was Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge Middle East Pakistan 2007. Junaid went on for the auditions and was selected by a panel of judges like Rustam Fateh Ali Khan, Nayyara Noor and Arshad Mehmood.

The show was organised by an Indian Television Channel “Zee TV” so Junaid flew to Dubai in order to participate in the singing reality show.

The show was on aired in Pakistan on “The Musik”  TV Channel. Junaid received a lot of good comments from Judges of India like Bappi Lehri, Ismail Darbar, Alka Yagnik, Vasundra Das and Others and most importantly from Pakistani Judge Nafees in the contest.

Junaid finished first Runner up in the show. The Winner of the contest was Amanat Ali another Pakistani who hails from Faisalabad Pakistan.

In April 2007 Junaid was called to India to participate in Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 on aired on” Zee TV ” India the World Cup of Singers organised in Mumbai India.

Junaid performed extremely well and received a token of appreciation from popular Indian Musicains and Celebrities.

In the end Junaid had to face the injustice of Indian Audience as they voted him out of the contest for the reason that he is a Pakistani.

Junaid Sheikh also sang for an upcoming Bollywood Movie “love.com” whose music is arranged by Vishal and Shehkar the Indian Music directors.

Junaid was also on World Tour and was about to launch his Music Album.

One day he realized that what is he doing?.  He is unhappy on his current situation.

Junaid Changed his life suddenly. He has now quit Singing and has now turned a preacher of Islam.

He now appears on Religious TV Channel “Madni TV” and only reads Naats. He has now joined Dawate Islami in Pakistan.

He has now decided that he would refrain from acting any thing disliked by Allah Almighty.

He now requests all his fans to trash all the videos he performed in as he do not want to leave footprints of his Music.

Junaid is not the only singer who left singing before there were artists like Junaid Jamshaid who left his music career at peak for Allah. Ali Haider is also one of them.

May Allah show every Muslim the Way to Jannat on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

Junaid Sheikh Message to his fans

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15 Responses to “Junaid Sheikh The Pakistani Music Rockstar Changed his Life”

  1. AttariahoonAttaria

    May 03. 2010

    Subhanallah Mashallah may allah give u istakamat on wat u doing now may u stay forever in the madni maholof dawateislami keep reciting naat shareef. This is all my murshidi Attar’s karam. Murshidi Attar par noor ki barsat ho Ameen..

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  2. Tickets Info

    May 19. 2010

    hello!, thanks for the info, this post was really nice.

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  3. sabeen

    May 19. 2010

    Amazing. Junaid is my fav contestant on saregama. This is a very big change.

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  4. Indian

    May 20. 2010

    Bit of your information is wrong here.Amant ali was 2nd runner up and Raja Hassan from India was 1st runner up,where as Aneek dhar was the winner of the competition at that time.Atleast try to find out right facts before you type anything.

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    • admin

      May 21. 2010

      My dear Amanat Ali from Pakistan and Musarrat Abbas from Pakistan deserved the First Places in the Contest. If it was up to singing then Raja Hasan was eliminated from the show and even did not reach top 10 contestants through his bad singing while Aneek would have even been rejected in the Auditions but they gave him direct entry into final 14 contestants. These two stupid persons were just victorious because of foolish Indian Public who voted them just to see Pakistani Contestants on the Down Side.

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  5. ChristianLouboutin

    Jun 03. 2010

    great share, great article, very usefull for me…thank


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  6. zahra

    Jun 08. 2010

    mashallah Subhanallah Mashallah may allah give u istakamat on wat u doing now may u stay forever in the madni maholof dawateislami keep reciting naat shareef…… KEEP IT UP

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  10. Chase Mengel

    Aug 16. 2010

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  11. Guest

    Oct 25. 2010

    Junaid was working well in Pakistani Music Industry when one day a reality music show was advertised in Pakistan.

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    • ayesha

      Nov 02. 2011

      yes that’s absolutely true

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      • Rise Dream.Com

        Nov 04. 2011

        May Allah guide all of us to be true Muslims who will get heaven on the day of judgement Ameen

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  12. Pakistani music

    Jan 26. 2011

    I agree with the above.

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