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If you are a Technology Fan and keep in touch with latest Technology updates and news from Various Newspapers, Blogs, Video’s, News TV Channels etc then you might have noticed the abundance in Mobile Phone Application releases.

With the passage of time Mobile Application Development is growing fast and flourishing with a lot of Software Developers injecting their work into the industry.

The Question is Why do People Develop Mobile Applications?.

With the introduction of new versions in Android and  Smart Phones we hardly have to wait for some days before something new related to them is launched.

We get to hear about new releases and future Products. The curiosity that remains with us is Why do The developers distribute their Applications for Free.

Well, To be honest a majority of people are marching into this Industry Just because they want to earn money out of their Applications and Softwares.

The Fact remains valid that a few lucky people are earning so much while others are still struggling for their turn to rule the entire Industry.

There are people who just release a Free Licence Mobile Application which is just meant to gather some popularity and fame for them. People may recognize them on meeting.

A few want to portray their talent to the World and want to expose their skills for others to follow.

A lot of software development Companies are earning much revenue by keeping their products in famous online stores like Apple’s I Phone Application Store.

Hmmmmm…! this is rare as a few fortunate individuals and organizations get a chance to sell their applications in the big online stores and after the passage of some time their Applications gets Purchased and Piracy starts that deprives them from their Hard Work Remuneration.

Some people design Applications and distribute them freely to gain some recognition within Consumers.

A Large Business Organization may get inspired by your work and may hire you for development of specific utility Software for their System.

Although this is a commercial Business and may reward you with money but you need to establish yourself first and for this you have to win the trust of regular Customers.

It takes time toiling in the sun and doing marketing for your product but if you have a talent then you will be picked and your customers will start relying on your products that will automatically generate overall good response among masses towards you and your company.

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