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TV Channels in Pakistan, List of Television Stations in Pakistan, Satellite Cable TV Channels Pakistan

TV Channels in Pakistan, List of Television Stations in Pakistan, Satellite Cable TV Channels Pakistan

Television Sector in Pakistan is now considered among the robust Media Sources of Pakistan and is flourishing.

There used to be only Three State Owned TV Channels in Pakistan until the year 2001 which were available only on Terrestrial Network.

With the introduction of Cable TV System in Pakistan The Electronic Media In Pakistan was revolutionized.

The Variety of channels offered for viewer ship on Cable TV in Pakistan allowed a lot of New TV Channels to start their operations in Pakistan.

A Majority of Pakistani TV Channels are Free to air Satellite Television Stations but some TV Channels with label of being Pakistani on them are Encoded so you need to purchase a special Decoder Receiver in Order to subscribe to those TV Channels.

Pakistani Television Sector is now Developed and you have a variety of TV and Radio channels to follow with quality content.

A lot of Television Channels whose Origins are from Pakistan have gained a lot of fame and exposure throughout the world Courtesy some brilliant efforts by Pakistani People.

Below is a list of some Television Stations TV channels that are Currently Working within Pakistan. Some are prominent and are an essential part of Every Cable TV Network in Pakistan but some are available only in selected areas.

Pakistan Television Network (PTV)
Pakistan Television Network, also referred to as PTV, is Pakistan’s state owned television network which operates on both terrestrial Network  & satellite Network.
The Ownership Rights of  PTV are with The Government of Pakistan.
There are a number of TV Channels in PTV Network.
Some of the Channels in PTV network are listed below:
  • PTV Home – Entertainment Channel
  • PTV News – News Channel
  • PTV Global – Exclusive channel for overseas Pakistanis.
  • PTV National – Regional Channel
  • PTV Bolan – Balochi Language Channel.
  • AJK TV – Muzaffarabad

Virtual University Educational TV Network

Virtual University, also known as VU, is Pakistan’s first University, completely based on modern information and communication technologies.

This University Offers distance Learning to its students. You have a variety of Lecteurs and Video CD’s accessible online on Internet or in the Form CD’s and Other Modern Sources.

Virtual University was established by the Government of Pakistan as a public sector institution with a clear mission; ‘to provide extremely affordable world class education to aspiring students all over the country’.

Virtual University uses free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the internet to broadcast knowledge and Course Content across the country Pakistan.

Currently Virtual University provides four TV channels:

  • Virtual Television 1
  • Virtual Television 2
  • Virtual Television 3
  • Virtual Television 4
Cable and satellite Free To Air and Encoded TV Channels
Aaj TV Network
  • AAJ News
  • Play TV – Music & Lifestyle channel

Air Waves Media (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • TV One
  • News One
  • Waseb Tv

ARY Digital Network

  • ARY Digital – Entertainment Channel
  • ARY Musik – Music channel
  • ARY Zauq – Food channel
  • ARY News – News channel
  • ARY Qtv – Religious channel
  • AKS TV – Light Entertainment Family Channel
  • Asset Plus – Pakistan’s First Community Television available only in DHA Lahore on cable network.

ATV Network Pakistan

  • ATV – Entertainment channel, also available on Terrestrial Networks.
  • ALite – Pakistan’s first Women Channel available on satellite (Currently on Test Transmission)
  • Business Plus
  • Wikkid Plus – kids channel
  • Channel 5 – News channel
  • City 42 – News Channel of Lahore
  • Dawn News – English language News channel
  • Din News
  • Dhoom TV

DM Digital Network

  • DM Digital – Available in UK
  • DM Digital Global – Available in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia
  • DM Digital Euro – Available in Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • DM Digital Arabia – Available in Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • Dunya News

Express Media Network

  • Express News (Urdu)
  • Express 24/7 (English)

Eye Television Network

  • Hum TV
  • Masala TV – Food channel
  • Style 360 – Fashion Channel
  • Oye – Youth Entertainment and Music Lifestyle Channel
  • Filmazia – Pakistani Movies channel
  • Filmax – English Movies channel
  • Film World
  • Fun TV
  • Good News TV (Currently on Test Transmission)

Geo Television Network

  • Aag TV – Music Channel
  • Geo TV – Entertainment Channel
  • Geo News – 24 Hour News Channel
  • Geo Super – Sports channel
  • Hadi TV- First multilingual Islamic channel broadcasts programmes in English, Urdu, Thai and Malaysian languages.
  • Haq TV – Islamic Channel
  • Info TV
  • IRA News – News Channel
  • IRA Enter 10 – Entertainment Channel
  • IRA Urdu – 24-Hour Urdu News Channel

Indus Television Network

  • Indus Vision
  • Indus Music
  • Indus News
  • G Kaboom
  • MTV Pakistan
  • K2 – Music channel
  • Labbaik TV – Islamic channel
  • Madni Channel – Islamic channel
  • Mashriq TV
  • Metro One
  • Music Station
  • Noor TV
  • N Vibe
  • Prime TV- UK & Europe
  • R World
  • Ravi TV – Film and Entertainment Channel
  • Roshni TV
  • Royal News
  • Rung TV
  • Samaa – News channel
  • Silver Screen – Pakistani Movies channel
  • Star Asia – News channel
  • Starlite TV – Pakistan’s First TV Channel showing the Hollywood movies, dubbed in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pushto.
  • Sun Biz
  • Value TV – Real Estate & Lifestyle Channel
  • Ujala TV – Educational
  • Waqt News – News channel
  • Zam TV
Regional Television channels
The TV Channels that cater the needs of only a specific language speaking people or a specific region.
Sindhi Language TV Channels
  • Awaz TV
  • Awaz News TV
  • Dharti TV
  • Kashish TV
  • KTN
  • KTN News
  • Mehran TV
  • Sindh TV
  • Sindh TV News
Punjabi Language TV Channels
  • Apna Channel
  • Apna News
  • Punjab TV
  • Panjnad Television Network
  • Punjabi TV (UK & USA)
Saraiki Language TV Channels
  • Rohi TV -
  • Waseb TV – Part of Airwaves Media Network
  • Kook TV
Pushto Language TV Channels
  • AVT Khyber
  • Khyber News
  • VSH News
Balochi Language TV Channels
  • SabzBaat TV
  • VSH TV

Kashmiri/Pothwari/Pahari Language TV Channels
  • KBC Kashmir Broadcasting Corporation – Manchester, U.K
  • Hidayat TV – Gilgit Baltistan, Bradford, U.K
  • Pothowari TV – Islamabad, New Mirpur
  • Pahariwood Network
International Television Channels with their Sub Networks For Pakistani Audience
  • Animal Planet
  • Animax
  • AXN
  • BBC World News
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNBC Pakistan
  • CNN International
  • Discovery Channel
  • ESPN
  • Fashion TV
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HBO
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Pogo
  • Ten Sports
  • VH1
  • WB Channel
Future TV Channels Coming Soon
This List includes Pakistani Television Channels in Pakistan which are planned to launch in Future and the work is underway on these Television Channels of Pakistan and are planned to launch soon as Pakistani Television Channels.
  • Aaj Entertainment
  • Aruj TV
  • City 51
  • Dr. TV
  • Dunya Entertainment
  • Express Entertainment
  • Express Music
  • Geo Kids
  • Geo English
  • Health Channel
  • Herald News
  • Herald Entertainment
  • Hope
  • Jinnah TV
  • Mirror TV
  • Pakistan Children Television
  • Roze TV
  • Sachal TV
  • Sachal Music TV
  • Sanjh TV
  • Sohni Dharti
  • TMN TV
  • View Line
  • Waaj TV

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