Choote Ustaad Indian Musical Reality Show Featuring Pakistani Kids

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Choote Ustaad Season 2 is an Indian Musical Reality Show that is currently Telecasted on Star Plus TV Channel India.

The Show is featuring 10 Kids from Pakistan and 10 Kids from India. The Children are asked to perform in Group of two singers each. Each Group out of total 10 groups have 1 Singer from Pakistan and 1 Singer from India.

After the appearance of Pakistani Kids in the Indian Reality TV Show a famous Pakistani TV Channel Geo TV Decided to Telecast the Show in Pakistan.

Talking about Choote Ustaad that Pakistani Media is giving so much coverage to “Aman Ki Asha”  a Peace message from Pakistan to India while Indians are responding as “Jalan Ki Bhasha”  a Mesage of Enmity and Hatred.

The Reality Show Choote Ustaad is an effort of India to present a very Poor and Bad image of Pakistan to the entire world. This time they have collected 10 Kids out of which 8 Kids belong to extremely poor families in Pakistan and are using them as a weapon to Defame Pakistan.

This time they have even acquired the services of a Pakistani Qawwali Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as a Judge in the Show.  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan speaks against Pakistan in the Show.

Two Pakistani kids Mair Hassan and Wania Jibran sang Hindu Bhajans in Choote Ustaad Season 2 that is really tragic.

When they sang Bhajans Pakistani Judge of the show Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was extremely pleased with them and gave them a standing Ovation. He said that as a Pakistani singing Bhajan is a difficult task but he is happy on these Kids performing such things in India.

Now is this good to sing Bhajans.  Just For some small Amount of Money and Greed of Fame these people are committing such indecent acts.

The Parents/Guardians who accompany these Kids are singers themselves and speak infidelity words on the sets of Choote Ustaad. They are not loyal to their country and Religion.

I mean What is the purpose of taking these Kids in India when we have Bad Relations with India.  Even if You have taken these kids to India Why are you speaking Hindu Words, adopting Indian Culture and speaking against Pakistan.

Indians are always working against Pakistan while wearing the veil of Friendship.

Geo TV In Pakistan deletes all these weird Scenes inappropriate for Pakistani Audiences otherwise there would have been an intense reaction in Pakistan.

The Choote Ustaad Show was on aired on 14 and 15 of August 2010.  This time Choote Ustaad Management celebrated 15 August as the Independence Day special episode of India.

No Pakistani Kid was allowed to sing Pakistani Patriotic songs on 14 August 2010 while Indians sang their patriotic Tunes on 15 August 2010.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan wished a Happy Independence day to Indians and said that we want to see a prosperous India.

Recently A Pakistani Singer turned Actor Ali Zafar who has acted in a Bollywood Indian Movie Tere Bin Laden was asked by an Indian journalist that would he say “Hindustan Zindabaad”.  In reply as  a true Pakistani he plainly refused and said that he Loves Pakistan and can never say such thing.

Earlier when Pakistani Singers performed in Indian singing shows they sang Pakistani Patriotic Songs on Indian Soil.  This was hard to digest for Indians so this time they deliberately Decided to strictly stop Pakistani kids from singing Pakistani National Songs in India.

Geo TV Did not telecast 15 August Independence Day Special Episode of Choote Ustaad in Pakistan.

Moreover, These 10 Pakistani Kids and their Guardians have started to receive threats from Indian Groups. These Indian Groups have demanded these Pakistani Singers to leave Indian Territory otherwise get ready to face severe circumstances. These Terror Groups may Harm Pakistani Kids.

Earlier a famous Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui was assaulted in India by Indian terrorists.

Now Look at the Real Face of India. These People can not respect their Guests.  I mean which Country in the World treats its Guests in this way. It proves India is inhumane Nation.

For the Pakistani’s who are being used,  Such People who Do not care for Their Country when they are abroad are real traitors and Should be dealt with strictly to stop Other People from following them.


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    • I truly agree. The Nationality of these people should be terminated and they should be asked to stay in India. India will teach them a lesson One Day.

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