Indian Media Imitating Pakistani Media in Independence day Celebrations

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Indian Media who telecasts majority of copied and fake content has now started following the foot steps of Pakistani Media.

The entire World knows that how enthusiastic Pakistani’s are about freedom of Pakistan.  Every Year from 1st August Onwards Pakistani people start celebrating Independence day.  In the Month of August We pray to Allah Almighty for the prosperity of Pakistan as a Nation.

On the 14th of August 1947 when Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as an Independent Islamic State every year the entire Pakistan celebrates the Independence Day of Pakistan on 14 August with great zest and fervor.

Pakistani Flags are seen throughout Pakistan as a celebration of the Independence Day of  Pakistan.

Pakistani Media starts Independence day celebrations from the 1st of August Every year and Patriotic Shows are televised on the Television screens. The Television Channels replace their logo with a Green Logo to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. Green is the colour of the Flag of Pakistan.

Every Body is so energetic and celebrates Independence day as a gift of Almighty Allah.

This Year in 2010 Pakistani people and Pakistani Media did not celebrate Independence day as they used to do because of flood disaster currently active in the Country.

Pakistani’s have diverted their attention towards the natural calamity of Flood in the Country and are contributing generously for the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the flood effected areas and the Pakistani’s effected with the disastrous flood.

A few years ago Indian media never celebrated the 15 of August as the Independence Day of India. Whenever it came to be something relevant to the 15 of August 1947 Indians said it a partition not an Independence.

But this year I am surprised to see that Indian Websites, Indian TV Channels and Indians have started to celebrate their so called Independence day just as an imitation to Pakistan.

Pakistan has been celebrating its Independence Day since 1947 but it now seems that Indians have realized the importance of freedom and this is the first time India is celebrating their Independence day on such a scale. They have renamed Partition to Independence day.

Seems Funny India is just following the footsteps of Pakistan. Indians have just forgotten that wisdom is required even for Imitation that they lack.

I was just surprised to see the Logo of some Indian TV Channels like Star Plus and 9XM they have turned their logo as the flag of India. The Idea of changing logo on Independence day is an Idea of Pakistan.  Indians are such that they can not conceive fresh and genuine Ideas.

Indians always copy Western and Pakistani stuff.

When it comes the case of copying Pakistani Work we as a Nation are delighted to see that look India has the Population of more then 1200 Million People but it  always imitates a population of 170 million Pakistani’s.

Pakistani’s are the Best. Pakistani’s rule. Inshallah Pakistan will live until the day of Judgement. Pakistan Zinda Baad.


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