Rabba by Shiraz Uppal Featured in Ashayein Bollywood Indian Movie

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It is now becoming a tradition of Bollywood Indian Movies to feature Pakistani Artists in their Music Albums.

The Songs sung by Pakistani Singers are the key for the success of a Bollywood Indian Movie.

Realizing the Importance of songs made and recorded in Pakistan yet another Indian Movie Director has featured Pakistani Singer Shiraz Uppal in his Bollywood Movie Ashayein.

The song that is being included in the Music Album of Bollywood Movie Ashayein is Rabba sung by Shiraz uppal.

Rabba is a pakistani song that was releasd in 2009 in Pakistan under the label of Fire Records Pakistan. The song is the title track of Shiraz Uppal Solo Music Album Ankahai relased under the label of Fire records in 2009 within Pakistan.

The Album was well appreciated by critics and was praised by a lot of listeners.

An Indian Bollywood Actor John Abraham is playing the lead Actor role in the Indian Bollywood Movie Ashayein.

Rabba is the best song in the Music Album of Bollywood Indian Movie Ashayein and is recorded and mixed in Pakistan.

The Entire Credit of the Song is with Shiraz Uppal and other Pakistani’s.

The Jealousy of India is evident in this scenario as the best song Rabba in the Music album of Ashayein is not being featured as the lead song of the Movie and crappy sound tracks by Indian Singers are featured as the lead songs for the Movie.

Shiraz Uppal has done a marvelous Job  as Other Pakistani’s always Do.

I think Pakistani Artists should avoid going to India as Indians are jealous Nation who always try their level best to present a very Bad and false Picture of Pakistan.


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