How to Convert Images into Text Document

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How to Convert Images into Text Document

Ever Wonder if an Online Tool or Desktop software may help you convert images into text document.

Very few Internet Surfers are aware of the OCR Technology but thanks to the various useful websites that have integrated the technology for creating simple Apps that help internet surfers easily convert their image files into a text document.

Elaborating a bit, OCR Technology commonly referred to as Online Character Recognition Technology recognizes the alphabetical characters in an image and easily writes those alphabetical letters into a new text document speeding up users task.

Although converting an image with manual handwriting is a difficult task but using OCR Technology you could easily convert an Image with Printed Text or a PDF Document into simple Text Document.

Online Tools to Convert Images into Text Document

1- Google Docs

Google Docs is perhaps one of the most prominent online document handling tool powered by the internet giant Google.

We recommend Google Docs to our readers as being a free tool it easily convert images into text document.

The users have the option to upload their documents on the servers be it a text or an image file, once the uploading completes the option to convert text from either a .pdf or an image file into a Google Document automatically pops up in the dashboard.

Once the user selects option, the whole automated process begins churning out a Google Text Document otherwise the original image is retained.

A drawback is the non retention of original test formatting in the image. The user’s have to manually format the text to make it look like the one placed in the image.

2- Abbyy Fine Reader

Abbyy Fine Reader is an another handy online tool that easily convert images into text document.

The thing that makes it stand out is the support for a variety of languages that instantly convert images, .pdf documents into Microsoft Office File Format. Although this tool is free for a few conversions after which premium rates apply.

3- Online

Online OCR is a top rated OCR Tool available over the internet. The feature in the limelight is the ability to convert multiple images into Text Documents at one go.

The users upload .zip format file containing the images to be processed and apply bulk action, the rest is handled by the tool. One of the pros for using this tool remains, it convert images into text document retaining the the original structure and text formatting as seen in the original image.

4- FreeOCR.Com

As the name suggests Free OCR is a free of cost available OCR Tool.
To be able to use this service no formal registration is mandatory while the users could convert 10 images per hour. The service extracts plain text during conversion.

5- OCR Terminal

OCR Terminal is a high quality OCR service that allows images, .pdf files and software screenshots to convert into text documents. OCR Terminal is now a part of Abbeyy Fine Reader but remains one of the mature tools to convert images into text document.

6- OCR Online

OCR Online is a handy web based OCR Application that allows scanned documents, images and .pdf files to be converted into text documents. The tool has recognition support for over 153 languages and has the ability to retain the original font structure and formatting. The service supports batch processing where multiple images are lined up to convert into text documents.

Thanks to Labnol for writing about some unknown but handy online OCR tools.

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