IE9 Internet Explorer 9 Beta Version Available for Download

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The Most Awaited New “IE 9” Internet Explorer 9 Web Browser by Microsoft Beta Version For Window Computers has been released on 15 September 2010.

The Beta Version has been Portyaed on a New Url by Microsoft. The Latest IE9 Beta Version can Be downloaded from Here BeautyoftheWeb.Com.

The New IE9 has a simple and Easy UI (User Interface). The IE 9 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is Fast and utilizes Html 5 and other New Technologies.

There was a lot of Hype before the arrival of Beta Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 IE9 and a lot of People were Speculating about the Feature IE9 has to offer.

Unfortunately The User’s of Windows XP can not enjoy The New Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 as Windows XP is not Supported. This will effect the Market Share of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.  Whenever a User tries to Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 IE 9 on Windows XP the Website automatically detects the Version of the Windows and an Error Message is issued stating that the Windows Need to be Upgraded to a Newer Version in order for the New IE9 Internet Explorer to Execute properly.

Only Window Computer are Supported by this Beta Version and Windows 7 and Windows Vista are supported.

Overall the Browser is better then the predecessor Versions of IE Interent Explorer but Other Rivals of Microsoft Internet Explorer like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have equipped their Web Browsers with Quality and Unique Features that make them competent in front of One of the Oldest and Most Used Web Browser in the World that is none other then Microsoft Internet Explorer IE.


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