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Windows Phone 7 is a Mobile Operating System (O.S) manufactured by Microsoft that is expected to be released in October 2010.

Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile 7 is the Upgraded and Successor Version of Windows Mobile 6.5.  Windows Mobile 7 will have new and improved Features compared with the Predecessor Windows Mobile 6.5.

Windows Phone 7 resembles Microsoft Windows Edition in Desktop Computers as it allows User’s to run Softwares and other Applications just like in Desktop PC.

Windows Mobile 7 is just like a version of Microsoft Windows running on Windows Phone 7 powered Device.

The Features of Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile 7

User Interface

Windows Phone 7 O.S will feature a Completely redesigned User Interface (UI). Windows Mobile 7 User Interface will Feature a Start Screen that has Tiles.  The Tiles will be Links to Applications,items and Functions, and Other Features like Camera and Video Player in the Device Powered by Windows Phone 7.

Language and Recognition:-

Windows Phone 7 will support more Languages and will have better Hand Writing Recognition facility. Some Math Equations can be written by hand on the Screen of the Device Operating Windows Mobile 7 which later can be Opened in the Computing Application installed within the Windows Phone 7 Device.

Touch Screen:-

Windows Phone 7 will feature Touch screen that means the Users may be able to Operate their Windows Phone 7 Device through Scrolling their Fingers across the Screen and Tapping Buttons to access Features in Windows Phone 7 Device.

Text Input:-

Text Input on Windows Phone 7 O.S is possible through a Virtual Keyboard. The Interesting Part is that the Virtual Keyboard has a full Dedicated Key for Entering Emoticons (Avatars or Images Describing One’s Mood) that makes Windows Phone 7 Optimized for Social Networks and Chatting. The Spell Checking and Word Prediction Feature adds Value to the Windows Phone 7 O.S.  The Windows Phone 7 O.S supports Hardware Keyboard. It is upon the Discretion of the device Manufacturer whether he Installs a Hardware Keyboard in the Windows Phone 7 Device or not.


Windows Phone 7 will arrange content into Hubs. These Hubs will have both Online and Offline Content which means that in the Pictures Hub User’s can have access to their Photo Albums in their Facebook Account and the Pictures taken from their Windows Phone 7 Device Camera. This means User’s can Access Online and Offline Data easily under one Section if they Use Windows Phone 7 Device.

Web Browsers:-

Internet Explorer Mobile that is an Intermediate Version between Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 is available in Windows Phone 7 O.S. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is expected in Windows Mobile 7 O.S. Multitasking and Edit Features like Cut copy paste are also expected in the Final Version of Windows Phone 7.


The Apps for Windows Phone 7 will be available at the Windows Market Place but all unsuitable Apps will be removed keeping the Phone Clean.

Software updates:-

The New Updates will be installed Directly into the Device just like Updates in Desktop Windows through Automatic Updates Section. These Updates are meant to improve Security of Windows Phone 7 device. Sometimes a User may be asked to connect his Windows Phone 7 device to his computer for Installing Updates.


Overall the Windows Phone 7 has ability to compete with rivals like Google Android O.S and Apple iOS. Windows Phone 7 has been Provided to Device Manufacturers and a lot of User’s are claiming Tablet Computers Powered by Windows Phone 7 have full ability to beat Apple iPad Tablet Computer.  Some Upcoming New Devices Powered by Windows Phone 7 are the Upcoming HP Slate Tablet and WinPad Tablet.

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