How to Use Sn0wbreeze 2.1 To Jailbreak ALL iPhones, ALL iPod Touches, iPad And AppleTV Running iOS 4.1

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SnowBreeze 2.1 has recently been released, which is able to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on your iPhone/iPod Touch, Apple TV and iPad. Snow Breeze 2.1 tool allows you to create a custom firmware. The Tutorial Posted Below Guides the User’s Step by Step how they can Jailbreak iOS 4.1 using Snow Breeze 2.1.


Snowbreeze is compatible with the Following iOS Devices:

  • iPhone 3G/3GS/4
  • iPod Touch 2G/3G/4
  • iPad
  • Apple TV 2
  • basically it works with all iOS devices/bootroms/models

NOTE: using snowbreeze you will be able to preserve your baseband and use the current version of ultrasn0w to unlock.

How to:

1. Download and start sn0wbreeze. Windows Vista/Win7 users , you will need to run the toll in Administrator mode. To do that, right click on the tool’s icon and select ‘Run as administrator’…

2. Connect your iOS device

3. You will see a splash screen which tells you that this software is not for commercial use. Click OK ( see splash screen above ). On the next screen just click on the blue arrow to continue…


4. Choose ‘Expert Mode’ and click on the blue arrow to continue…


5. Now you will need to choose the stock iOS 4.1 downloaded earlier. Click on ‘Browse’, select it and click ‘Open’…


6. Sn0wbreeze will show you a pop-up window regarding the old/new bootrom. Read it, read the notes above again and click ‘I Understad’ …


7. Now we need to customize our firmware. Just click on ‘General’ and then, click on the blue arrow to continue…


8. The next screen is the important one. Here you can choose to hacktivate your iPhone ( if you have it factory unlocked DO NOT check that ), enable native multitasking, battery percentage and background wallpapers. If you have an iPhone 3Gs with a new bootrom, you will need to check ‘Use iBooty Method’ ( if you use an iPod Touch 3G with a new bootom, you will see a check box for that too ) – again, only if you have a new bootrom. If you have an old bootrom, DO NOT check that box…


9. On the next screen you can pre-install packages. You can add packages from the default repos, or you can add .deb files that you have saved on your computer. You can’t add new repos at the moment…

10. Next screen lets you change your Boot and Recovery Logo. You can use the ones sn0wbreeze offer you, you can upload your own, or choose not to change them at all. If you want to upload your own:

  • Only PNG giles are accepted with demensions bellow 320×480 pixels
  • Must be limited to 100kb per Boot Logo!
  • And must have at least one transparent pixel


11. Once you are done, click on the blue arrow to continue. Now sn0wbreeze will create the custom firmware.


12. Now, you’re almost done. If you will be asked if your iOS device is jailbroken or not, just choose NO ( no matter if you are )

13. Now, you will need to put the device in recovery mode or DFU. Here’s how:

DFU mode:

  • turn off your iOS device while still connected to your computer
  • hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds, then release just the power button

Recovery mode:

  • hold the home button and power button until you will see the iTunes logo and USB cable on your device’s screen. Until you see that on your screen, the device will turn on and off a couple of times. Keep holding the buttons down, until you see the iTunes logo.

Lazy mode:

  • just use RecBoot to put your device in recovery mode…

14. Now open iTunes. It will prompt you with a message that it found a device in recovery mode. Click OK…

15. Hold down the Shift key and click on restore. Choose the custom firmware you just created and click open. MAKE SURE it’s the custom firmware and not the stock one… ( you will recognize the custom one because it’s called ‘sn0wbreeze_iPhone_xxx’ )

16. Wait for iTunes to restore your iOS device with the custom firmware.

17. Once this Process is Completed You are Done.


The Tutorial above is Posted Just for educational purpose. Any Unfair Use is strictly prohibited. Depiction of This Tutorial  does not mean that we have intentions to promote piracy. Only Use this Tutorial at your Own risk. It is suggested that Only apply the Tutorial Posted above to your iOS device like iPhone and iPad if you think you have enough knowledge to Jailbreak this Devices. Rise Dream.Com is not responsible for any loss or Damage to the Device. All claims are rejected.

This Tutorial is from FSM

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  1. After i updated my os to 4.1 on iphone I was waiting so badly for this release and as soon as it came got my phone unlocked again

  2. Somehow snowbreeze still can’t jailbreak my phone. I’m running iOS 4.1 8B117 and iPod Touch 2G MB528LL I used v2.1. I got the error “An unknown error occurred (1601)” on iTune after trying to restore the firmware

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