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The Internet Giant Google is indulging into a lot of new feature additions of its existent services.  Recently on the Official Gmail Blog Google has expressed its Intentions of launching the Google Cloud Printing feature very soon.

What is Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print facility is a Web Application that allows a user to remotely instruct a tangible printer for printing the hard copy of a soft document or email attachment.

Google Cloud Service allows a user easy remote access to physical printers when he is away from those.


The Newly launched feature Google Cloud Printing will be compatible to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and iOS Devices. Mac and Linux Support is expected to roll out soon.


Google Cloud Print App connects with the allowed Physical Printer that has access to the Internet. Once the printer is connected to the Google Cloud Print service the Ordinary Apps in the Smart Phones or Laptops may send the requisition of printing an email attachment or any other soft copy document to the Google Cloud Printing Service.

Once Google Cloud Print receives the demand it can print hard copies from the connected and compatible tangible printer no matter how far away from the instructor they are located.

Quick Review

Although Google Cloud Print is a very good service but it is more suitable to the needs of high class business men as other organisations will seldom allow remote access to their assets like tangible printers. Google may look forward in introducing any type of wireless transmission printing option in future. The Google Cloud Service looks attractive from the first glimpse but nothing much could be said until is available for use.


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