5 Eco Apps to Help Keep You Green

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Being Eco-friendly is not just a trend, it’s a way of life. Saving our planet earth is everyone’s responsibility and smart phones are making it easier than ever.

Environmentally friendly apps are perfect when you’re going green. Here are 5 of the best Eco Apps to help you stay green.

1. The Recycle Guide

Sometimes the hardest part about recycling is finding some place to do it. T-Mobile’s new app, the Recycle Guide takes the “confusion out of what you can recycle and where.” This app even provides recycling locations for those unusual items like the mobile phones. You can even make a recycling pledge to share with your friends and family, to show your commitment for playing your part to save the planet.

2. Good Guide

The Good Guide is an iPhone app that puts green product information at your fingertips. Research is conducted on food, personal care, household chemicals, toys, and paper products to determine their health, environmental, and social impact.

The Good Guide rating system ranges from 0-10, the higher the rating, the more Eco-Friendly the product is.

3. Carticipate

Although automobile companies are doing what they can to make driving easier on the environment, cars are still amongst the biggest pollution contributors. What can you do about it?  Carticipate can help. You figure out where you’re trying to go and Carticipate will find people in your area who are going your way. You can save gas, make a few new friends, and help the environment all at the same time! Carticipate is available for the iPhone.

4. Green Sushi Selector

Is the fish in your sushi being threatened? The iPhone Green Sushi Selector app allows you to find out if the fish is being caught or farmed by methods that are not environmentally friendly. It also gives you information on threatened species, dietary recommendations, and mercury levels. The fish listings are categorized by their Japanese and common market names. Who says you can go green and eat your sushi too?

5. Green You

Have you calculated your carbon footprint lately? Now you can with the Green You app by Android. This app helps you create a “Green plan.” All you have to do is input some basic information about transportation, housing, food, goods and services. You can reduce your carbon footprint by sticking to your Green plan and this app will help you track your progress.

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