How to Fix a Wireless Connection on a Laptop – Simple Tips

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The wireless internet is a great form of internet connection and aside from being portable one great advantage laptops have is the ability to connect to the internet through wireless route. All you need to do is look for a hot spot or visit the nearest coffee shop to be able to access the internet. While this sounds simple a lot of people still experience problems with their laptop connecting to wireless networks and this post will be giving you some simple tips to overcome this.

Make Sure the Network is Public

Before we continue I will like you to take this very important step. A lot of people complain about not being able to connect to a wireless network when indeed the network they are trying to connect to is not intended for public use.

Before connecting to a network you should always make sure the network is generally available for the public. You can do this by inquiring from the person in charge of the hotspot or by seeing if the network has public status enabled (even if this is the case it is still very important to inquire from the people in charge of the network if the wireless network is public – because accessing a network that is not intended for the public is illegal in some places). Once you’re sure that the network you’re trying to connect to is a public one you can follow the tips below.

Tips to Fix Wireless Internet Connection

Disable and Enable Your Wireless Card

One of the steps you should take when experiencing wireless connectivity problems is disabling and enabling your wireless card after which you can then restart your computer. In most cases, disabling the wireless card and restarting your computer will help you solve any hardware/software conflicts while making it easy for you to get connected.

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Is There a Password? If so, get it!

Most wireless networks use passwords and encryption keys for security purposes and without these you won’t be able to connect to the wireless network. You should make sure the wireless network you’re trying to connect to is not using a password and if it is using it you should try to get the password before trying to connect to the network.

Make Sure the Wireless Network Signal is Strong

Unlike a wired internet connection one major problem wireless connections have is that they are strongly affected by your closeness to the base. There is a limit to how far a wireless device can be from the wireless station for it to be effective; this is why in some cases you will be able to connect to a wireless network but you won’t be able to access the internet through it. If this is the case with you the best thing to do is look for a way to move closer to the main source of the wireless network.

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  1. Its Fixed65

    I have outlined some of fast solution of problems to secure
    that the backup procedures in the Internet in a matter of minutes. Make Sure of
    which its equipment is not too much far from your router wireless and has a
    good signal. When placing the leader of the mouse on the icon of wireless connection
    that is in the corner right inferior of the bar of tasks can review to see if
    the power of the signal is good. Nothing less than a good intermittent signal
    can make the connections. SOLUTION: You will have to return to locate his
    wireless router more near his computer.

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