How to Choose Suitable Gadget for your Kid

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How to Choose Suitable Gadget for your Kid

Ever wonder how to choose the most suitable and useful gadget in the ocean of advanced technology powered devices for your kid.

Kids and Technology

When getting ready to purchase your child a digital appliance such as an e-reader, computer, or a smartphone, there are a few things to consider. First, which would they use the most? Second, when is it appropriate to buy your child one of these? And third, how do you decide which one to buy? The majority of kids will you tell you that they would prefer to have a smartphone over an e-reader or a computer, but ultimately, it is the parent’s decision as to which appliance is best for their child. No matter what you choose, it has to work for your family.

The E-reader

An e-reader is a digital device that is specialized in doing one thing well: reading e-books. This means screen size is bigger, like an actual book, battery life span is longer which allows you to read continually without draining your battery. Also, lighting aspects on the screen is more comparable to actual paper pages. You can download new reading material to your kid’s e-reader without ever having to visit another bookstore or library. The drawbacks for an e-reader are cost, format and file types, and book availability. An e-reader is much more expensive than a physical book. Over time, format and file types will change and updates will need to be made which means not all versions will be readable. However, it’s far more portable than a stack of books; so long trips in the car are far more comfortable. A young child could certainly handle an e-reader, and it could serve as a stepping stone to a more intricate kind of technology like a computer.

The Computer

About 70% of families own a computer in their home and most kids know how to operate them at an early age. But when is it time for a child to have his or her own computer? Questions to ask before purchasing may include, will your child utilize the data storage aspect of the computer? Do they know how to type? Do you want them browsing online? Will you be available for technical support? If gaming is the child’s desire, a small device like a DS may be less expensive and requires far less maintenance or parental monitoring. A good rule of thumb is that when a child can master an e-reader independently, he or she is probably ready for a computer, but not yet a smartphone.

The Smartphone

A smartphone not only comes with computer-like capabilities and e-reader functions, but there are so many extra resources with the smartphone that it is beginning to change the way we look at technology. Smartphones come with a calendar. Not only can your child schedule school projects and extracurricular activities, but the parent can send appointments and activities to the phone and they will appear on the calendar. The smartphone can access the internet virtually anywhere, allowing your child to work on homework while riding the bus home. Additionally, the smartphone can replace many digital appliances that your child carries around already such as a cell phone, ipod (or other digital music player), digital gaming appliance, e-reader and more. Parental control settings are available.

There is no right or wrong age for kids to begin utilizing technology and appliances. But, it’s advantageous to keep in mind the purpose of the device and what you expect your child to do with it. Because everyone wants to get the most out their technology purchases.

This Article is written by J. Steeple. J.Steeple is a writer, blogger, and tech-savvy parent, who wants to get maximize her family’s technology and appliances.


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  1. online shopping uk

    Interesting Article i Must Say.. Definitely it is quite difficult for parents to choose the suitable gadget for their kids, There is wide range of gadgets with different quantities and features available for them and it is really hard for parents to sort out suitable one for their parents..

    • Rise Dream.Com

      Yes parents have to be very cautious not to buy their kids something that could have harmful effects on their studies as well as co curricular activities

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