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Top 10 Mobile Phones Ranking 2011

Mobile Phones are taking an integral part in our lives.  With the entry of popular brands the rising competition is creating good opportunities for the end consumers to choose a mobile phone that fits their need and carries a reasonable price tag.

Top 10 Mobile Phones Ranking 2011

1- Apple iPhone 4:-

The smart phone offered by Apple operating on iOS gained spotlight and generated high sales due to unique functionality and useful Apps.

2- HTC Desire:-


The Smart Phone offered by HTC is sleek and stylish and runs Google Android OS.

3- Google Nexus S


The Android OS powered handset offers good functionality to its user’s.

4- Samsung Epic 4G


The Samsung Epic 4G features a super amoled display, a 1GHz processor, front-facing camera, a useful and unique QWERTY keyboard, a 5.0-megapixel camera with a LED flash.

5- Motorola Atrix 4G


The Motorola Atrix 4G features a dual-core processor and a sharp HD display.  The Android 2.2 powered Mobile Phone has a sleek and stylish design and includes a 5-megapixel camera, a front-facing camera enabling video calls with a HDMI port.

6- Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini


The Android Powered Mobile Phone by Sony Ericsson offers sleek and stylish design to its user’s.

7- Nokia N8


Nokia N8 offers 12MP camera, HD video recording function and a cool media player with all new Symbian^3 OS.
8- T Mobile My Touch 4G


The thin and sturdy design handset powered by Google Android OS offers valuable features to its consumers.

9- BlackBerry Torch


Blackberry Torch is a stylish Mobile Phone running Blackberry OS. Touch Screen and Qwerty keyboard make it a nice gadget.

10- LG Optimus 7


The Windows Phone 7 Powered Mobile Phone manufactured by LG offers good and stylish functionality.


The above list is based from a consumer point of view. The list is not guaranteed. No infringement or violation of copyright is intended. The above list is prepared only for informational and educational purpose. We are not liable for anything. No brand is promoted or defamed.

via Cnet Techradar

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26 Responses to “Top 10 Mobile Phones Ranking 2011”


    Mar 07. 2011

    Great… I am using HTC Desire HD :)

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  2. online shopping uk

    Mar 08. 2011

    Interesting Article!! No Doubt Apple have capitalize the wide range of market with their adorable product named as iPhone.. Atrix 4G and Nokia N8 are also good Phones to use..

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    • Rise Dream.Com

      Mar 08. 2011

      I agree iPhone 4 and HTC Desire are expensive but leading phones in the market

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  3. Rebelalive

    Jun 16. 2011

    Apple is the Dream… iPhone 4 is the best of all,,, dying heart fan of Apple products.

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  4. Tknrose

    Jun 27. 2011

    Please update there’s this phone called the samsung galaxy s2. It’s the best in all aspect yet it is not listed above!?

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  5. Anonymous

    Jul 09. 2011

    I like this list.

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  6. Rise Dream.Com

    Jul 22. 2011

    Thanks for the info

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  7. Anonymous

    Aug 31. 2011

    Thanks for the info. I like this post.

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  8. ringcentral coupons

    Aug 31. 2011

    Thanks for the provide this list, It’s useful for me to select best smart phone. Nowadays many mobile are available in market but confuse which one is best for me. I think in this list I select easily any one mobile.

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    • Rise Dream.Com

      Sep 01. 2011

      Yup. The abundance of smart phones is creating problems for the consumers to choose best gadget that fits their need

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  9. Sqarpio

    Sep 05. 2011

    I disagree for #1 as iPhone with compare to HTC desire S. HTC Desire camera, interface, functions, applications, touch screen, screen resolution are much better than iPhone. For iPhone, we can’t change battery neither increase the memory, while in HTC and other phones, we have this flexibility to change it.

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  10. Nomi220988

    Oct 02. 2011

    1one more giant which they forgot..
    NOKIA E7..
    OS: symbian anna, 8MP camera with dual led flash

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  11. Panasonic Lumix FZ45

    Oct 14. 2011

    Thank you for providing this list, it is useful for me to choose the best smartphone. Today, many mobile is available on the market, but confused, which is the best for me. I think this list I select any mobile easily.

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    • Rise Dream.Com

      Oct 20. 2011

      It totally depends upon your budget and your needs i can not recommend any one of them you have to make a choice yourself

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  12. Anonymous

    Oct 24. 2011

    it’s obvious the iphone4 is the most popular one…
    but blackberry is better , too

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  13. Mobile Phones US

    Nov 01. 2011

    I think, Samsung Wave and Sony Ericsson Xperia also good and excellent. Are you agree with me?

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  14. Online Shopping UK

    Nov 03. 2011

    Why BB and nokia are so down in the ranking.?

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  15. Mobile Price

    Nov 04. 2011

    Really all the phones are very nice and thanks for sharing them.

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  16. Ahmad Hazim

    Dec 27. 2011

    samsung galaxy S II is the best smartphone in the world !!

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  17. Vicky-cool007

    Dec 27. 2011

    what about Nokia e7…its the best mobile I’ve ever use…:D

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  18. mobile spy

    Dec 28. 2011

    Other than being a clean install of Android, and the slightly Nexus S’s nicer screen, this phone is weaker than the myTouch 4G.I think it should be a bit lower than the third level.

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