Google Chrome 10 Web Browser Stable Release

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Google Chrome 10 Web Browser Stable Release

Google has released the stable version of its Google chrome Web Browser that can be called as Google Chrome 10.

If you are an existing user of Google Chrome Web Browser then your Web Browser will be updated automatically otherwise fresh copy can be downloaded from Google Chrome Website

This new stable version has the some improvements in speed and security as compared to the preceding versions.

Improvements in Google Chrome 10

  • Complex web apps will  run more  quickly and responsively.
  • 66% improvement in Java Script performance on V8 benchmark suite.
  • The new interface allows settings to be made easily through the addition of a search box that displays the settings user is looking for as the user types in the search box.
  • For those user’s who save passwords, quick logging to frequently visited websites is enabled even if computers are switched by synchronizing saved passwords across computers.
  • The synchronized passwords may be encrypted with secret pass phrase for security of passwords.
  • The user’s running windows vista or higher may experience additional layer of protection against malicious web pages.

Lets how much web browser market share improvement will Google experience from the latest Google Chrome 10. How will the Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft respond to this updated web browser. Lets wait and watch until then stay tuned to


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    Smart Move By Google Chrome.. Seems that Google is working hard on the response time and enhance the efficiency of browser.. Yes you are Right interesting to see the response of other browsers on this move by Google Chrome..

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