Chrome 11: Google integrates Voice to Text Transcription

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The internet giant Google is innovative these days and releasing unique new functionality for its products.

Just when Mozilla have released Firefox 4 that received a warm response from the users Google have rolled out yet another unique function in their latest Google Chrome 11 Beta Edition.

Taking a technical review of Google Chrome 11 Beta the latest integration of Html 5 speech input API has opened up new opportunities for Web App Developers.

With this latest technical feature integration the developers can introduce Voice to Text transcription feature in their Apps.

All what the user needs to do is to click an icon and say the desired words in the microphone then the voice will be sent to the transcription servers and the text will be displayed as uttered by the user.

The latest GPU accelarated 3D CSS will let the developers design powerful CSS driven 3D effects in web pages.

The Blog Post at Official Google Blog mentioned about the new Google Chrome icon in desktop versions that may grab the attention of exisiting users.

Overall Google Chrome has updated their web browser to utilize maximum out of latest available technology and facilitiate their end user’s i.e ordinary internet surfers who may find it convinient to experience the web through Google Chrome web browser platform.


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  1. write my paper

    personally i dont like chrome.. but it seems to be developing so soon. maybe i am wrong

    • Rise Dream.Com

      Yes currently Mozilla Firefox is more suitable but Google is in the run to capture more market share and eliminate the monopoly of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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