Mozilla Firefox 4 receives warm response from users

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It’s just about a day when Mozilla have officially released their latest Web Browser Mozilla Firefox 4 for download to the general public.

Download Mozilla Firefox 4 here

Mozilla Firefox has been downloaded by more then 5 million on the first day of release as BBC reported. Mozilla Firefox is the 2nd in terms of market share for web browser industry following Microsoft Internet Explorer that is yet the most used web browser due to built in availability with Microsoft Windows 7 , Windows Xp and Windows Vista.

Although Google Chrome is gathering large volumes of market share but yet Mozilla Firefox is better as far as browser security and user experience is concerned. Mozilla Firefox is more proactive and innovative as it introduces new features that are replicated in other brands web browsers.

The latest Mozilla Firefox 4 is  faster as compared to preceding versions with better handling for graphics, web apps and suitable for viewing latest feature equipped website.

Mozilla Firefox attracts users with its panorma (easy tab management system) that lets the user arrange similar tabs in one group for easy and fast navigation.

Mozilla Firefox 4 blocks third party apps to extract web browser history from the web browser and allows the user to turn off behavorial advertising on certain websites.

Overall Mozilla Firefox 4 is really a nice web browser to use and the latest user interface introduced in Mozilla Firefox 4 could tempt new user’s migrate to Mozilla Firefox 4 for a better web experience.

Lets see how will Google Chrome respond to this effort by Mozilla Firefox. Google has the biggest advantage of its Search Engine Promotion facility for Google Chrome Web Browser so lets see what kind of response will Google Chrome receive for their next major update.

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