“Inpulse” Wrist Watch with Smart Phone Experience

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Inpulse is launching a new wrist watch that integrates the features existent in a smart phone.

As we are aware of the technological advances that are widening up the opportunities for scientists and idea inventors to invent new things. With the increasing impact of technology in the life of an ordinary consumer new devices equipped with latest technology are often released in the market that make the work of the user’s easier.

A new wrist watch has been launched in the market that is called “Inpulse”. Inpulse is a new generation wrist watch that offers user’s to access features of their smart phone on a wrist watch. One could easily say it a wrist smart phone instead of a watch as it offers its user’s with the innovative features of a smart phone.

Inpulse wrist watch has been in spotlight for its unique functionality. It offers the user’s with connectivity to their smart phones so on this watch user’s can always check their phone calls, text messages, email messages, browse web pages, social networks, chat and other notifications.

Inpulse has compatibility to connect with all major laptops, computers, smart phones and works well on Android and Blackberry O.S.


As for the specs, the device’s screen features a 1.3″ 96×128 pix full color display. The watch has a ARM7 micro controller running at 52MHz; 32kB total program space, 8kB RAM; CSR BC4-ROM Blue (L2CAP); aver-the-air programming; a vibrating motor; and a 150mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. The device charges via micro USB and the battery apparently lasts up to 4 days depending on display/wireless use.


The device comes in two colors: the silver version costs $149 and the black anodized version $199.

Why Inpulse Stands Out in the Crowd:-

The idea of a watch accessing smart phone features in not new earlier a bluetooth enabled watch was available in the market.

InPulse is innovative in a sense that it contains the option for making applications which adds up to the functions and value of the watch.

Some Apps have been designed for the inPulse wrist watch For example, one app allows you to get notifications on the watch, and lets you see your messages coming in without taking out your phone.

InPulse has opened up it platform to developers and so far over 30 apps have been created for the watch.

Upcoming Aspects

Although a lot may be in the pipeline for making Inpulse even better but the compatibility to connect with the Apple iPhone will be rolled out soon as Apple wants a special chip to be installed within the watch to work with the iPhone. A special website will be launched specially for the apps created by developers for execution on the inpulse wrist watch.


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