Foot Mouse innovation by Pakistani Student

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“Foot Mouse” a new structure computer mouse is an innovative idea invention by a Pakistani student Muhammad Ahsan who is a  computer information systems engineer at NED University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan.

Foot Mouse is hands free computer mouse that is unique in its kind and reflects the fervor and enthusiasm for new ideas by Pakistani students.

Currently Foot Mouse is passing developmental stage with three prototypes already showcased.  The foot mouse will use a sandal type of structure with wooden base and rubber strips.  This innovative Foot Mouse will help increase the typing speed of the user hence saving time and is also useful for people with disabilities.

Ahsan is young aspiring student with aims to develop more exciting and original accessories of their kind like the Braille keyboard which is not available in Pakistan.

Ahsan is a talented student and needs attention.  The Government and all of us should support such students morally and financially so that they can nurture their talent for illuminating the name of Pakistan in the entire world.

Thanks to the team at ProPakistani for highlighting this news.  One could consider this as a good indication of development of technology sector in Pakistan.

foot mouse

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5 Comments to Foot Mouse innovation by Pakistani Student

  1. arif lohar songs

    Sounds good to me but i guess people having legs disability won’t find it useful. But in a bigger picture, it will be helpful for a computer user to increase the typing speed by using both hands on keyboard. Why don’t Pakistani media cover this innovative guy?

    • Rise Dream.Com

      I agree Pakistani media on one hand criticized Pakistani Politicians and America while on the other hand receives backing from both of them. Pakistani Media especially Geo is playing double game and fooling us. They don’t promote good things in Pakistan i think we should say Geo News India and Geo Entertainment India because the channel deserves it

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