Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X 10.7 through Lion Skin Pack

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Want to bring Mac OS X 10.7 like experience to Windows 7? If yes then “Lion Skin Pack” application software for windows 7 may help you in this scenario.

Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X 10.7 through Lion Skin Pack

“Windows 7” is one of the most feature equipped and attractive operating system that is widely used due to easy user interface so it takes less time for non computer user’s to gain familiarity with Windows OS.

The existing computer user’s who used Windows XP are more comfortable to work on Windows 7 rather then working on Mac or Linux operating systems.

As Windows 7 is compatible to work with wide variety of software’s and the Windows 7 is used as an O.S in Enterprises, Offices and Other locations so Windows 7 could be regarded as one of the most widely used and successfully implemented Operating System.

Some user’s have to use Windows 7 due to its rich functionality but miss the Mac OS X Lion user interface and visuals in Windows 7.  For all the user’s who want to bring Mac OS X 10.7 experience into Windows 7 here is a simple tweak.

“Lion Skin Pack” Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X 10.7 experience

“Lion Skin Pack” is a windows application software that helps change the user interface of Windows 7 and integrate Mac OS X 10.7 like user interface into Windows 7.  For installing Lion Skin Pack one does not need to rely on theme patching software’s as Lion Skin Pack works through a simple executable file. Within the installation process a variety of options are prompted which the user can select depending upon his own discretion like apply screen saver of Mac OS X and leave the wallpaper of Windows 7 etc.

Caution before installing Lion Skin Pack into Windows 7 for Mac OS X 10.7 experience:-

It is worth mentioning here that these software’s are very difficult to uninstall and even system restore point may be non functional in this regard so it is a wise idea to install them only if the Mac OS X user interface is to be kept on windows 7 as well as it would be worth if a complete system backup is maintained before installing such application software’s.

Download “Lion Skin Pack” Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X 10.7 experience

Download Lion Skin Pack to Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X 10.7 like experience. The file has size of 30.6 MB (Mega Bytes).


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mac os x lion transform windows 7 into mac os x 10.7

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