Beware! iPhone and iPad 3G secretly tracking your location and data backups

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Beware! iPhone and iPad 3G secretly tracking your location and data backups

This is really alarming Be cautious! Apple iPhone and 3G enabled iPad device are secretly tracking and recording the location of their owner’s without any discretion and knowledge.

O’Reilly Radar has reported that since the update to iOS 4 last year Apple has introduced a file that is secretly tracking and recording the location of iPhone 4 and iPad 3G owners without the knowledge of the user’s.

This is hilarious and under rated act by companies like Apple if this is true which it is. The two presenters Alasdair Allen and Pete Warden will make shocking revelations about the iOS4 with its capability to track and store the geo location and backup data of the iPhone or 3G enabled iPad user’s on Where 2.0 a technology conference.

iPhone Data and Location Tracking has given rise to Data Insecurity

The feature to track and record locations and valuable data runs secretly in the background without the user’s knowledge and intention. The collection of user related data is intentional as Database is restored after device migration or backups.

The data is stored in a file named “consolidated.db within the iOS 4 device such as iPhone 4 or iPad 3G”.

What’s worse about this is that the data is insecure and unencrypted so its on every device that a user’s sync’s his iPhone or 3G iPad. The data shows the locations where the user had been for last one year or more in the form of a graph showing time stamps and user locations just like Google Maps.

Suppose a person takes pictures through his iPhone and transferrs them through syncing his iPhone to a laptop then all the data about where a user lives and other revelations in the pictures can easily be accessed by third parties.

Protect valuable Data through some settings


Turn Off Geo locations feature in your iOS 4 Device. It will be wise idea to at least protect the iOS 4 device backup data by turning on encryption for iTunes backup. Simply select the device in this case iPhone 4 or iPad and click on Options to select “Turn on iTunes Backup Encryption”. Through encryption the data will be modified while being transferred from one device to other and will be difficult to decrypt by the hackers.

iOS 4 iPhone 4 and iPad 2 What’s Outcome

This data sabotage by Apple Inc may turn out to be one of the biggest privacy breaches and Apple Inc should suffer litigation in this issue if this data espionage is proved. Let’s see what happens next.

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