Microsoft Purchases Skype

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The software giant Microsoft purchases Skype the famous free online voice and video communication service for an estimated deal of $8.5 Billion

Microsoft Purchases Skype

It seems that the Operating System’s Daddy Microsoft is high online. After losing almost millions of dollars in offering online services Microsoft the leading Computer and Mobile Operating System Developer has purchased Skype the famous free online voice and video communication service for a staggering monetary value about $8.5 billion.

It seems that Microsoft is in a mood to compete with the rising rivals Google and other’s. As Google has created a reputation and has earned monopoly over the cloud computing services it seems that Microsoft has plans in the pipeline to offer high quality cloud computing and other online services that could lead Microsoft stand out in a crowd of bunch of other attractive services.

Although as the brand reputation and unique service infrastructure is concerned many companies were eyeing to grab the opportunity of taking over Skype and Nokia the “handsets prince” was also among the interested one’s but it seems that Microsoft will execute such a lucrative project “Skype” in future.

It is expected that Skype services will be integrated within the Windows Live, Online Microsoft Office 2010 and other services offered by Microsoft.

As Skype is free so it is used and admired by millions of people worldwide but one can not rule out the possibility of deteriorating standards as well as implementation of monetary charges in order to use Skype.

Anyways lets see when the tightly lipped Microsoft officially announces the acquisition of Skype.

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4 Comments to Microsoft Purchases Skype

  1. Adobe creative suite student

    I can see Google eventually acquiring Microsoft in about 5 or so years time. Great post

    • Rise Dream.Com

      Well Microsoft is the one of the pioneers of Personal Computers so it is unlikely that Google may purchase Microsoft.

  2. Modern Group Complaints

    I love Skype. I hope Microsoft keep Skype going. it helps alot in our business of customer service. Cheers for the post

  3. Best Health Insurance

     Wow. $8.5 billion, thats so much money. Im sure we will see that price reflected in Skype costs very soon.

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