Top 10 Software Companies Ranking 2011

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Top 10 Software Companies Ranking 2011.

Software Companies Ranking 2011

Software Companies are flourishing with the passage of time. With the penetration of Information Technology beyond cultural and geographical barriers Software Companies are increasing in number so there exists a need to rank them according to the quality of end product they offer for the consumers.

The “Top Ten Software Companies Ranking 2011” provides a list of Top 10 Software Companies that exist around the world. The Software Companies listed in the “Top 10 Software Companies Ranking 2011” have a brand reputation and are trusted by large enterprises/individuals for the acquisition of IT related services.

Top 10 Software Companies Ranking 2011

Below are the “Top Ten Global Software Companies” for the year 2011.

01 – Microsoft

microsoft corporation inc

Microsoft Corporation Inc is a public sector multinational organization centered in Washington USA. Founded by the famous Business Tycoon Bill Gates Microsoft Corporation today is the leading software developer for home computer operating system and various other sectors. One quality to be admired about Microsoft is their Research and Development department that produces a new version of Windows Operating Systems within a relatively short span of time.

02 – IBM

International Business Machines IBM is a technology intensive multinational organization that sells computer hardware and software’s.

03 – Google

google logo

The Internet Giant Google Inc that provides cloud computing, internet search and advertising services.

04 – HP Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard HP is famous Information Technology Company centered in California USA. Hewlett Packard HP is involved in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, networking hardware, designing software, delivering services.

05 – Accenture


Accenture is a leading software company that is involved in global management consulting, technology outsourcing, and technology consulting.

06 – Oracle

Oracle is a California USA based American multinational computer technology organization developing and marketing hardware systems and enterprise solutions.

07 – Adobe

Adobe is a computer software company headquartered in California USA. Adobe designs and develops multimedia software, creativity software products, rich internet applications and computer software.

08 – SAP

SAP is a German global software corporation providing enterprises software solutions to business organizations globally.

09 – Yahoo


Yahoo is a California based Internet Software Company. Yahoo is involved in provision of services via internet. The famous products of Yahoo are Yahoo Web Portal, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo News, Yahoo Advertising, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Videos and Social Media Websites.

10 – CA Technologies

ca technologies

(Computer Associates) CA Technologies Inc is one of the largest independent software companies in the world.


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