How Technology unveiled even Legendary Indian Singers steal Pakistani Music Tunes

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We are living in the era of Information Technology. The access to internet has turned communication of information across the world into a simple task.

Since childhood I have been listening to the quote which states Talent knows no boundaries. If one is talented his work will be admired beyond boundaries. The same is said in the context of music and arts.

Recently I was browsing You Tube and was shocked to see that these Indians who are born to steal the work of Pakistan and other countries have yet again stolen a recently famous Pakistani Tune from Coke Studio Season 3. The Song “Alif Allah” sung by Arif Lohar in Coke Studio 3 along with “Sayyoni” the song released in 1990’s by famous Pakistani Rock Band “Junoon” is being stolen by a Legendary Indian Singer Asha Bhosle who has many admirers across the world.

When i listened to the song i was shocked with the fact the she ruined the entire tune as Indians do at least she proved to be an Indian. To my surprise she was involved in stealing Pakistani song in an awards ceremony called “Great Indian Music Awards 2011”. Such hilarious title “Great Indian Music” well i think we could have issued a verdict if Indians had some thing original in their Music Industry but the Indian Music consist of ripoff of Pakistani Tunes.

Since 1947 Indians envy Pakistan but at the same time follow their work and then imitate it without major modifiactions. It is the technology through which I can pass the mesage of Indian Plagarism to the entire world.

It is not surprising to me as young Pakistani Boy because what could i expect from a country that even steals music from promotional campaigns created by Pakistani Politicians and claim to be the owners of Tune. Indians have never showcased any thing good about Pakistan and their main ambition is to hate Pakistani’s but they even stole “Dil Dil Pakistan” a Pakistani patriotic song by Vital Signs in late 1980’s.

I strongly condemn this rude activity of Indians on one hand they claim themselves to the best music industry in the world but on the other hand they don’t have minds to create original stuff, rather rely on the work stolen from Pakistani and other countries with no gratitude. The thing I hate most about Indian is that they never acknowledge anybody else they are always self obsessed and think only they are the one’s following right track. One could overlook a few occasions when Pakistani work is stolen but when everything is stolen from various origins irrespective of music genre then voice should be raised against such ethically incorrect activities. In old times before arrival of Internet even the originators could be unaware if their work was stolen in India. Asha Bholse though she would escape this time around as she did in the past due to lack of IT infrastructure but why should such scrap singers be called Legends when they don’t even deserve to label themselves as musicians.

Hollywood and Pakistani Lollywood movies are cloned in Bollywood as well as Pakistani Novels are pirated into Indian movies.

I would like to ask all the fans of Indian Music why don’t you people get a life and listen to the original tunes instead of supporting the Indian Thieves.

If I start counting the work stolen by Indians the list is infinite and the words will exhaust but the theft of Indians won’t finish at all. These 1200 Million people steal the work of Just 170 Million Pakistani’s.

All the Indian Music Listeners should revisit whom they listen and Why?.

As Music is creativity so a musician should create symphony through his own mind instead of taking inspiration from other tunes already playing in his fraternity.

Below is a small example where Asha Bholse a few months ago plagiarized Pakistani Music

Rab Rakah Stolen song by Asha Bhosle

Original Tune Alif Allah by Arif Lohar Coke Studio season 3 2010

Original song “Sayyoni” by Junoon released in 1990’s



We don’t believe in baseless propaganda like Indians. We only write stories that are true. If you find this content offensive then tolerate and don’t bother to leave a comment against this story. No intent was kept to hurt or molest the feelings of anyone. Just take a chill pill. All claims rejected and we are not liable for anything.

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6 Comments to How Technology unveiled even Legendary Indian Singers steal Pakistani Music Tunes

  1. paki jokes

    I think this post is biased as i was expecting to read the stolen compositions but it turned to personal grudge or something. Though, i would tend to agree that some of the musicians steal tunes not only from Pakistan but from other parts of the world.

    • Rise Dream.Com

      Indians are copying work of Pakistani’s since 1947. With due respect this is not a personal grudge. Indian Musicians steal Pakistani Music even the folk songs that don;t get air play on Pakistani TV. Countless Pakistani compositions in Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, Saraiki and Punjabi have been stolen by India. Indians are thieves and this is the reality

      • paki jokes

        Look that’s biased that you call the whole nation thief. I agree some of musicians steal compositions but you can’t impose it on the whole nation. Be careful with your words.

        • Rise Dream.Com

          If an Pakistani steals a song Pakistani Audience rejects the song right away. If Indians appreciate stolen songs then all Indians are thiefs

  2. Rise Dream.Com

    There is a lot of difference. Pakistani’s are superior, Fair Skinned, Tall, Strong, Honest, Sincere, Beautiful, Ambitious, Hard Working my words will finish but qualities of Pakistani’s won’t end while Indians can be described in just one word “Evil”

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