A Specifications Overview of the New HTC Desire S

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A Specifications Overview of the New HTC Desire S. HTC Desire S is one of the leading Smartphones by HTC powered by Android OS

Specifications Preview of the New HTC Desire S

HTC have seen a number of Desire models released – the latest of which is the Desire S. The new version of the fateful HTC model is more of an upgrade than a new device it seems, though is certainly an improvement on the already excellent HTC offering.

One of the most notable things about the Desire S is that it’s got a uni-body aluminum shell – this really feels like top quality and is a real plus for anyone considering purchasing the Desire S. The phone feels very solid in the hand, weighing in at 130g and feels very comfortable with its curved back.

The inside of the Desire S is not as forward thinking, though probably equally as solid. It has a 1.1GB single core processor with 768mb of RAM. Now there is nothing wrong with this at all but it must be said compared to current offerings on the market and even as homage to the forward leap the Desire was, the HTC Desire S is not much of a tech jump. The HTC Desire S is decent, runs quite quickly but is just not a dual core 1.2 GHz like the new Sensation.

The machine does improve on previous Desires and has a Android 2.3 running under its beautiful and very functional Sense UI. HTC Sense looks well on the 3.7in 400×800 resolution screen. It’s a super LCD and quite decent for playback of footage.

Camera wise, the HTC is pretty average with a 5mp camera capable of recording 720p video at 30fps. This is a smaller camera than the 8mp available in the HTC Desire HD and you have to question HTC for doing this.

The Desire S also doesn’t follow on the current trend of phones and come complete with a HDMI out port, which is another slight oversight from HTC. TheHTC Desire S does have a front facing camera which was not available on previous HTCs and is a definite step up.

Its battery is also larger than that of previous HTC Desire phones and HTC say it has 20% more battery time than the previous Desire HD. This is due to a larger battery and a smaller screen.

The Desire S is a good phone but if you have a Desire is it worth really upgrading to the Desire S from the Desire? Probably not, there are enough phones out there in even HTC’s range that offer something more. So just as the original Desire was an excellent phone, the Desire S is also an excellent phone but maybe a tad behind the times.

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