Top Web Browsers Ranking 2011

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Top Web Browsers 2011

Top Web Browsers 2011

With the increasing number of Internet user’s many companies are propelled to design and develop their self signatured powerful feature equipped web browsers.

The advancement in technology and more complex cloud computing services being offered by large companies especially the market leader Internet Giant Google have necessitated the user’s to choose web browsers according to their needs.

With more websites using the latest Html 5 Coding and Complex Java Apps a fast,stable and efficient web browser is necessary for the user’s to experience true flavors of the internet.

Top Web Browsers Ranking 2011

Here is the list of Top Web Browsers Ranking 2011. The web browsers listed here have dominant market share and are relied upon by many of the internet user’s.

Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 is an efficient and feature equipped web browser. It is one of the best web browsers available in the market. The team behind Netscape Web Browser one of the strongest contender of Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser since late 1990’s have poured in their efforts to design such a stylish and updated web browser The Mozilla Firefox 4.. The Official support for Netscape Web Browser ended in 2008 due to advancement in Mozilla Firefox 4.

Download Mozilla Firefox 4

mozilla firefox 4

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most widely used web browser that exist in the world today. Microsoft Internet Explorer is dominating the Web Browsers Industry since late 1990’s. The other web browsers complain the built in availability of Microsoft Internet Explorer with Windows Operating System is the root cause of its high market share. The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is compatible to work on the Windows 7 and has advanced features with low crashes as compared to preceding versions.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is around for a while so user’s are addicted to the interface and features offered by Microsoft Internet Explorer. User’s find it hard to revert from using Microsoft Internet Explorer and switching to other better web browser’s. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is the most widely used web browser in the world today.

Download Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

Google Chrome

The Internet Giant Google entered the web browsers industry a couple of years ago with a bang. The Google Chrome end product of the efforts poured in by the Engineers at Google is one of the most light weight, powerful feature equipped, innovative, user friendly and fast web browser.

Google Chrome web browser is updated automatically hence avoiding the hassle of the user’s for upgrading to the latest version. The update runs in the background avoiding the user to complain about the wastage of time.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and updated web browser for 2011.

Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Opera 11

The Norwegian Company Opera have developed Opera 11. Opera 11 is rich in features and has a user friendly interface. Although Opera has enough capabilities to be on the top three web browsers list but lack of popularity and addiction of user’s towards other web browser hinder its way of leading the web browsers market.

Download Opera 11

opera 11

Apple Safari

The Web Browser mostly used in the Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple Safari is a good web browser to surf the web.

Download Apple Safari

apple safari


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