Google Ice Cream Sandwich OS might Debut with Google Nexus Prime manufactured by Samsung

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Google (Android 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwitch OS might Debut with Google Nexus Prime manufactured by Samsung

We have been hearing rumors regarding one of the most awaited Google (Android 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich OS powered Smart Phone. For those who missed our earlier coverage i would provide a brief recap Google used to have two different versions of its Android Operating System for the Smart Phones and Tablet Devices. The Smart Phones used Google Android Gingerbread OS while Tablet Devices used Android Honeycomb OS. A few weeks ago Google unveiled Android 4.0 Google Ice Cream Sandwich OS which combines both Android Gingerbread OS and Honeycomb OS to launch a universal Ice Cream sandwich OS that can be used in universally in all Google Devices no matter its a smart phone or a tablet computer.

Since the announcement of Google Ice Cream Sandwich OS a lot of sources over the internet are speculating about the first Smart Phone or Tablet Device that will use Google Ice Cream sandwich OS. It is expected that Google Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to arrive by the fourth quarter of 2011. In the end of June 2011 when the Google Ice cream Sandwich Phone could have entered its finalization stage some stories have further turned up the heat which suggest Samsung will be manufacturing the handset for Ice cream Sandwich powered Google Nexus Prime. The debutant Google Ice Cream Sandwich OS Phone could be named “Google Nexus Prime”.

Although nothing has been announced officially by the Google Authorities so this still remains a rumor. Some websites are claiming the features of the phone that suggest the possible Google Nexus Prime could feature a nix physical menu keys going forward, a 720p resolution display and the screen could be branded as “Super Amoled HD” Display. The Processor used in the phone could be “OMAP4460”. The phone would not have any carrier pre loads, OEM customizations or Google might work with multiple mobile carriers to provide services.

Nothing can be confirmed until yet but some indication towards “Samsung” manufactured handset might suggest a reasonable price being offered for the device. Let’s wait and watch until something official leaks out of Google Authorities. Stay Tuned for more exciting updates

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Google Nexus Prime

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