Google + Privacy Flaw Identified

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Google + Privacy Flaw Identified

It’s been two days since Google has launched its new generation social network Google + in its early beta testing phase. Google + is one of the most anticipated things over the internet since then and user’s are trying various tricks to join Google + social network. It is worth mentioning here that due to high volumes of sign ups within few hours Google have disabled invites for new user’s. It’s not long when Google + will be available to the general public.

Google + Privacy Flaw Identified

Google + is in the spotlight with critics having a closer look at its features. The first privacy flaw within the Google + social network has been identified. This privacy flaw let’s other user’s share one user’s content to the general public without his consent.

Google + has a “Resahre” button just like the twitter “Retweet” button. We know organizing friends into different categories has been easier in Google + courtesy Google circles where a user can post status updates only visible to a group of friends like university fellows while different status updates for office colleagues.

On one hand this interactive feature has eased up things for the user’s whilst on then other hand a “reshare” button is doing breach of privacy for Google + social networks. Even the private posts, pictures, videos can be shared to the general public via hitting “reshare” button by one of the friend who has enough authority to view user’s locked post. Although the user has the option to turn off reshare button before a post is published on the wall but the reshare button can not be turned off once a post has been published on the wall. Google lacks the option to disable reshare button in its privacy settings.

Google has acknowledged this flaw and have insisted Google + social network to be in its early testing phase and once it is available to the general public all such flaws will be fixed that pose threat to user’s private content.

This indicates the opinion that the user must not share his private content like pictures, posts or other videos even on secure social networks.

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