Nokia N9 Meego Smart Phone Specifications Preview

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Nokia N9 Meego Smart Phone Specifications Preview. Nokia has released N9 Meego the first full touch screen phone with no physical keys

The upcoming Nokia N9 Smart Phone is powered by Nokia Meego Operating System and is expected to roll out later in 2011.

Nokia N9 Meego Smart Phone Preview

Nokia N9, The sleek, stylish and unique, pure touch system (lacks physicals keys) smart phone from Nokia is expected to roll out somewhere later in 2011 so lets just have a glimpse of the features this smart phone has bagged in itself for the potential customers.

Nokia N9 was officially announced and previewed last month but the release date for this stylish smart phone has not yet been disclosed so until now we have been hearing later in 2011 release time for the Nokia N9 Smart Phone.

Nokia N9 Smart Phone Design

If we take a close look at the design of Nokia N9 we won’t be disappointed. Nokia is trusted by its customers for the good quality it offers along with stylish exterior body of its mobile phones.

As long as the design is considered, the Nokia N9 would certainly stand out in a huddle of handsets thanks to its “beautiful one-piece, unibody design where the hardware and software fit together seamlessly”, as Nokia puts it. And that’s not all: “The exterior body of the Nokia N9 is made from the durable polycarbonate material, enabling superior antenna performance over most other smart phones.”

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Nokia N9 Smart Phone Looks

The Nokia N9 is expected to make a splash in the smart phone market when it lands, and it is certainly good looking – in fact, it’s the world’s first “pure touch screen phone” with no physical keys on its front at all.

So this is definitely one for swiping and tapping-onscreen fans, but has the ability to attract those user’s who need physical buttons and keys in their Smart Phones.

To bring the N9 alive, you just double-tap the 3.9 inch AMOLED screen; and to move between the home screens, apps and functions, swipe with your fingers. To return from an app back to home, you swipe from the edge of the screen.

The 3 home screens are designed for simple communication, and are based around apps, social networking feeds and notifications, and recently used apps. If you pinch and zoom onscreen you can see all your open apps icons.

Following in the footsteps of other high-end Nokia phones like the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 when it comes to capturing quality images and videos, the Nokia N9 comes up with an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and HD video.

nokia n9 smart phone

Nokia N9 Smart Phone Memory

Memory wise Nokia N9 smart phone is powerful. There’s 1GB of RAM on board and a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor to keep things whizzing along nicely for you.

The browser is built on the latest Webkit 2 technology which supports multiple page openings, so you can move between sites easily.

Nokia N9 smart Phone Operating System

The Nokia N9 smart phone runs on MeeGo OS, is NFC-enabled, and comes in a choice of storage options (16GB and 64GB) and three different colors (black, cyan, magenta).

nokia n9

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