What is Linux Operating System?

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What is Linux Operating System?

Linux is, in easy words, an operating system. There are a lot of famous Operating Systems for Desktop Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, Smart Phones, Tablet Devices etc. Most notable operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu (based on Linux), Symbian for Mobile Phones and iOS for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Linux is unique in a sense it is distributed open source. For those who don’t understand open source is the Linux is provided free of cost and the license issued for Linux software allows modifications and customizations to the Linux Operating Systems which will further add value to the Linux operating system. The Operating Systems based on Linux Platforms are fast and more secure to Malware Threats.

What is an Operating System

An operating system is integral for proper functionality of the computer. An Operating System is the core program of any computer, it’s developed to run all the programs on the computer and the operating system manages hardware and software configuration.

An operating system consists of various fundamental programs which are needed by a computer so that it can communicate and receive instructions from users; execute other software’s, control memory utilized, connect to the internet, archive stored information, read and write data upon hard drives and other storage devices like CD (Compact Disk), USB (Universal Serial Bus) etc, print data from printer, connect to a network (LAN, WAN), perform other tasks as desired by the user’s etc.

What is Linux Operating System?. A brief overview narrating the meaning of operating system and advantages of installing Linux OS over others

The operating system (OS) transfers instructions from an application to, let’s suppose, the computer’s processor. The processor receives the instruction, performs the instructed task, then sends the results back to the application through the operating system.

What is Linux Operating System

Linux is the special software installed on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices attached to the computer for performing the desired functions.

Linux O.S is modeled on the Unix operating system. From the beginning of the development, Linux was designed to become a multi-tasking, multi-user system. The difference between other operating systems and Linux is that no one is the owner of Linux and it is provided open source (free of cost). Much of Linux development is done by unpaid volunteers.

Devices powered by Linux O.S

Linux Operating System implementation extends “From wristwatches to supercomputers,”. Although Linux was first launched as a server O.S but with the passage of time Linux has turned a popular Desktop Operating System courtesy “Ubuntu O.S”.

Linux OS is found in personal computing devices like “Desktop Computers”, “Laptops”, “Netbooks” etc. Linux is found on Phones and Tablet Devices. The Linux OS can also be installed on supercomputers which are used in labs for invention and development of new things.

linux os operating system ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal on dell laptop

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