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Install Ubuntu 11.04 – Detailed Tutorial. Know step by step guide to install Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal through Live Bootable CD or Live Bootable USB Disk

Ubuntu 11.04 Linux is available free of cost for download.

Ubuntu is Linux GNU Debian based modern operating system that is quick and secure when compared to Microsoft Windows Operating System. As Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal is used in low quantities when compared to other operating systems it is relatively secure to malicious odds circulating over internet and digital media threats and data sabotage threats.

Install Ubuntu 11.04 Step by Step Tutorial

Installing Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal is fairly simple and the user can install the OS by following easy guidelines outlined below.

There are two methods for installing Ubuntu 11.04 on a computer machine

  • The first method is through using a Live Bootable USB Disk
  • The Second Method is using a Live CD

Ubuntu 11.04 can be installed either using a Live CD or through using a Live Bootable USB Drive.

Installing Ubuntu 11.04 through USB Drive

Caution: Before Initiating a fresh install or triggering an upgrade of Ubuntu 11.04 it is advised to maintain backup of data. If a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal is to be done then choose an empty Hard Disk Partition for installation and transfer its important data to another partition say if the OS is to be installed on C:/ Drive then transfer important data on D:/ Drive as the process requires the entire partition to be deleted hence loss of data will happen.

USB Installation Guidelines

If the user has to install Ubuntu 11.04 using the Live USB Disk or Live CD he should start from step 1 and closely follow all guidelines

Step #1 :

Check that your computer satisfies the hardware and software requirements for installation of Ubuntu OS. If you are unsure then follow the link I have placed below to evaluate your system hardware and software configuration matches that required for the successful installation and execution.

Ubuntu 11.04 System Requirements for Installation and Execution

If your computer machine either desktop computer, server, laptop, Netbook or any other device fulfills the criteria required for installation of Ubuntu 11.04 then you are ready to stumble forward.

Download Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Operating System

Ubuntu OS version 11.04 file is 656 MB in size and can be downloaded free of cost. The file is .ISO extension Image File. It is recommended to use a download manager as the file size of is large so loss of internet connectivity or power outages may halt the download in the middle causing inconvenience.

Install Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Creating Bootable USB Disk or Live CD

Step #2 :

The next step is to create a live bootable USB Disk or a Live CD

Well, creating a Live CD of Ubuntu 11.04 is not a tough nut to crack. The user’s can easily burn the .ISO Image file to a Compact Disk (CD) either using a CD/RW Re writer or DVD/RW Re writer. Once the Ubuntu .ISO Image file is successfully downloaded the user’s can burn the Ubuntu Operating System to CD through using a CD burning software. The recommended software are Nero Burning ROM or Roxio Creator both are premium software’s although some free software’s might assist in this process.

Creating a Live USB Disk Drive Install Ubuntu 11.04

Well if the installation is to be done by using a Live USB Disk Drive a special software called “Universal USB Installer” should be downloaded. The Universal USB installer creates a Live Bootable USB Disk for Linux Distro’s/Versions and contains the support for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

Download Universal USB Installer

Once the Universal USB Installer is successfully downloaded, install it and run the Universal USB installer application, If Windows 7 Operating System is used then the following Screen will emerge –

ubuntu 11.04 installation live usb image 1

Select the Ubuntu 11.04 in Linux Distribution menu and locate the .ISO File(You got it in step #1), although in most of the cases the file will automatically be detected. Now, select the USB Drive, which you want to make bootable, check the format option if you haven’t already formatted it. Then the click on Create button to begin the process. Now wait for few minutes until the installation process is complete.

ubuntu 11.04 installation usb live cd image 2

Step #3 :

Once the user is done with the above mentioned steps he will either have a Live USB Disk Drive or a Live CD for installing Ubuntu 11.04. Now ensure that the Live Usb Stick is plugged in to the computer or the Live CD is inserted into the DVD ROM/CD ROM.

Now its the time to restart your computer machine. For most of the computers the first and second boot devices are Hard Disk so you need to change some settings within the BIOS Configuration before booting through a Live USB Disk or Live CD.

When the computer is restarted immediately enter “Del” F10″ F11″ or “F12” keys according to computer machine to enter setup. If the user is unsure how to enter setup then read the first screen that appears just after turning on the computer. This will instruct the user to press either of the above mentioned buttons if he is to enter into the computer machine’s setup.

When the computer machine setup is entered a list of tabs is displayed out of which the user has to select the tab “Advanced BIOS Features”. Now a new screen is opened which details various settings. Look for First Boot Device and Second Boot device. You have to select CD/DVD ROM as the first Boot device and Hard Disk/Drive as Second Boot device if Live CD is to be used for the installation of Ubuntu while USB Disk is to be selected as First Boot device and Hard Disk/Drive the second boot device if the Ubuntu is to be installed via Live USB Disk Drive. Once you are done with the settings save the settings according to instructions displayed on the screen for me I have to press Y key and hit Enter Button to save BIOS Settings. Choose Save Settings and exit BIOS. Once done the computer machine will reboot and if you have done these steps then just relax as the tough portion of Ubuntu 11.04 Installation process is over.

Once the computer machine boots from either USB Disk Drive or Live CD a screen will appear that will list options for installing Ubuntu 11.04. The user needs to select the option :“Install Ubuntu 11.04 to Hard Drive” from Boot Menu and after that needs to click the option “Install Ubuntu“.

Select Language Install Ubuntu 11.04

Below are screen shots that will assist and guide the user during the various stages of installation.

Once the installation process is initiated the user will be prompted to select the language he wants for Ubuntu Operating System.

It is recommended to choose English while installing Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal because English is a globally recognized language.


The user needs to select the language from the right menu. After the language is selected, the user has to click on Forward button.

System Requirements Verification Install Ubuntu

Once the language is selected the user is taken to the next step. In next window, you will be asked to ensure that – your system satisfies the minimum requirements for proper installation and execution of Ubuntu 11.04 OS – like 4.4 GB Drive space, and it’s recommended to have Internet Connection (Preferably Wired,Wireless might works but I haven’t tested) during installation (so that the necessary packages and updates can be downloaded).


Step #5 :

Once the Ubuntu 11.04 Installation program ensures the minimum system requirements are met then a screen emerges that details various options depending upon if other operating systems or Ubuntu 10.10 is installed on the computer.

Below is a screenshot of what options will appear

ubuntu 11.04

If it is the fresh installation of Ubuntu OS then user will get only two options –

Option – 1 : Erase Everything and Reinstall – it will delete everything (all the data/files and other OS like Windows 7) and reinstall Ubuntu 11.04 on your hard drive. If you select this option then you can skip few steps, although it’s not recommended, better go for second option.

Option – 2 : Something Else / Advanced Partition – it’s not so difficult as it seems. No files will be deleted and if you are using Windows 7 and want to use both Windows and Ubuntu in parallel, then this is the correct option for you. When you choose this option 2nd,

ubuntu 11.04

Step 6:-

This is very important step

If the last of the four options “Something Else” is chosen to install Ubuntu 11.04 then the user will be prompted to a screen where he needs to select the partition where he wants to install OS.

The user needs to delete an existing partition and create a fresh partition if he has all the hard disk space filled as partitions.

Caution…! Deleting a partition will automatically delete all the data within the partition so it is advised to maintain a backup of the data or transfer the data to another partition.

First the user needs to select the partition where he needs to install Ubuntu 11.04. Now the user needs to delete the partition or Select “Unallocate/Delete” Option.

Once the partition is deleted or unallocated then the free space appears. The user needs to select the free space and click on “Add”. A new partition will be created for the installation. The following formal details have to be selected for the newly created partition.

* Partition Type – ‘Primary’
* File System – ‘Ext4′
* Mount Point – ‘/’
* Beginning

Once the specific details about the partition are entered the user needs to click on ‘Install Now’ button to proceed to next steps while installing Ubuntu 11.04.

Step #6 :

Now the user has to select his Geo-Graphical Location – The user is required to select his country from the map of the world displayed as in the screen shot below

Then click on ‘Forward’ button to proceed.

ubuntu 11.04

Once the user has defined his geographical location the Installation prompts user about the keyboard layout he has to choose. If the user wants to use standard format then he needs to select default layout for keyboard.


The installation process asks user about some of the basic information. The computer user needs to Enter Information like Name, Computer Name, Login Information (Username and Password for logging in to the machine).

ubuntu 11.04

Now the installation of Ubuntu 11.04 is almost complete and the user needs to select any further options that may appear.

Final Step -Install Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Final Step:

Now once the installation is complete Restart your Computer Machine and enjoy the exciting features Ubuntu 11.04 has to offer.

Here is a Snapshot of Freshly installed Ubuntu 11.04 (If you don’t like the default desktop unity then switch to the GNOME in the login window)

ubuntu 11-04 desktop home

If the user has to install Ubuntu 11.04 in parallel to Windows OS then he may follow the video below detailing “How to install Ubuntu 11.04 along side Windows 7”. The following video uploaded on You Tube by “The Turn Taker” might be useful for installing Ubuntu 11.04

install ubuntu 11.04


The above tutorial “HInstall Ubuntu 11.04 – Detailed Tutorial” is provided only for informational and educational purpose. No infringement or violation of copyright is intended. It is highly advised to first learn the process before attempting above tutorial.

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