Top Best WP 7 Windows Phone 7 Apps 2011

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Top Best WP 7 Windows Phone 7 Apps 2011

The Windows Phone 7 is all set to capture a vast market share in Mobile Operating System (OS) Industry after the deal with Finnish Mobile Handset Giant Nokia.

As the popularity of WP 7 is creeping up more developers may be tempted to design free and premium apps for the Windows Mobile 7 platform. Microsoft Windows is the most widely used Desktop PC Operating System and its Mobile Version Windows Phone 7 is expected to gain success.

Top WP7 Windows Phone 7 Apps 2011

Well in the herd of so many free and premium (paid ) apps, it becomes very difficult for the user’s to choose the handy and suitable apps that assist them accomplish their desired tasks easily on Windows Phone 7 powered devices.

Here is the a compilation of top free open source WP 7 Windows Phone 7 Apps to look for in 2011.


Read Thousands of free eBooks and magazines available, Browse and shop a variety of useful premium eBooks, magazines, catalogs etc at Amazon with Kindle for Windows Phone 7 App.

Download Kindle for Windows Phone 7

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the leading software for viewing, composing and editing .PDF format documents. With the increasing number of .PDF Format eBooks and Documents the user’s can install Adobe Reader App for Windows Phone 7 to effectively manage their .PDF documents.

Download Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 7


Handyscan is a useful personal document scanner application for Windows Phone 7. With Handyscan the user’s can use the WP 7 device’s camera to scan (picture) physical documents. With handyscan the user’s have the option to scan multiple pages per document, align/rotate the resulted scan or crop it if required. Handyscan app for Windows Phone 7 also contains a ‘typewriter’ feature which allows the user to type text into scanned documents or forms.

Download Handyscan

Google Search

Search the Web with Internet Giant “Google Search Engine”. The Google Search App for Windows Mobile 7 let’s the users search websites, keywords, images, video’s and other stuff available over internet easily via Google Search Engine.

Download Google Search App for Windows Phone 7

Twitter Client for WP 7

The famous micro blogging social network Twitter has a Twitter Client for Windows Phone 7, a handy app that let’s the user manage his Twitter Account conveniently on Windows Phone 7 powered Devices.

Download Twitter Client for Windows Phone 7

Google Maps

Browse Google Maps to search where you are? and search for routes if you have to go somewhere. Google Maps App for Windows Phone 7 is a very good App to search for places and locations around the globe.

Download Google Maps App for Windows Phone 7

You Tube for Windows Phone 7

Enjoy free video’s from around the world easily on your Windows Phone 7 device with this open source You Tube App for Windows Phone 7.

Download You Tube for Windows Phone 7


Voxofon allows users of WP 7 to call Skype, Google talk and more right from their device. Calls to Skype and Gtalk are free, though you have to pay for other VoIP services being used.

Download Voxofon for WP 7

ACCU Weather

AccuWeather for Windows Phone 7 will offer accurate, localized and detailed weather news and information in a modern and clean format.

Download ACCU Weather App for Windows Phone 7

Skyfire Mobile

Skyfire is a popular mobile browser which is also available for Windows Phone 7. Watch videos, connect with your friends, listen to music, shop and browse web using the full featured mobile browser. It supports both Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0.
It integrates with Gmail, Twitter and Facebook. The user can customize his experience and share his web experience with friends.

Download Skyfire Mobile Browser WP 7

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