Pakistan Music Stars – Pop Singing Competition on Ary Digital

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Pakistan Music Star – Pop Singing Competition on Ary Digital

Pakistan Music Stars – The Ultimate Pop Sensation is a new grand level singing competition for Pakistani Singers. The show will be unique as the contestants have been distributed in 5 different teams with a mentor, while the mentor obviously being a famous Pakistani Vocalist Singer. The show will get air play on Ary Digital Pakistan every Sunday at 10pm from 4th September 2011 onwards. According to Media Max the marketing company for Ary Digital Programs Pakistan Music Stars – The Ultimate Pop Sensation will truly be the clash of the Titans where the star singers of Pakistan, leading their own team, will clash against each other to make their team supreme.

Pakistan Music Stars – The Ultimate Pop Sensation on Ary Digital Pakistan

After a break of couple of years Pakistani Young Talented Singers have managed to get yet another opportunity to showcase their singing talent to the world in the form of a new reality singing contest called “Pakistan Music Stars – The Ultimate Pop Sensation”.

Ary Digital which is among the top 8 TV Channels in Pakistan according to viewership statistics is all ready to on air a grand singing competition for Pakistani Youth called “Pakistan Music Stars” The Ultimate Pop Singing Sensation.

The show is claimed to be the biggest of its kind and will start to go on air from 4th of September 2011 on Ary Digital Pakistan. The promos of the show suggest the format to be unique where five mentors will have their own teams. The five mentors are Shiraz Uppal and his team Shiraz Ke Manchalay, Fariha Parvaiz and her team Fariha Ke Surile, Rahim Shah and his team Rahim ke Joshilay, Rameez lead vocalist of Fuzon after Shafqat Amanat Ali and his team Rameez Ke Deewanay, Fakhir (former member of Awaaz band) and his team Fakhir ke Jaanbaaz.

The Dard e Tanhai fame “Nouman Javaid” who was selected by Indian Director Mahesh Bhatt as the music director/singer for his film will be hosting the show.

Pakistan Music Stars – The Ultimate Pop Sensation Format

Pakistan Music Stars on Ary Digital will be different with the fact of teams. Five teams will accommodate more contestants surpassing the 12 contestants limit in the road towards the grand finale. It is expected for the teams to clash and gain points every week. After few episodes the low scoring team will be eliminated and the trend will continue until we reach two out of total three teams for the grand finale.

The promos of the show Pakistan Music Stars are quite attractive and now the air play on Sunday 4th September 10 pm will suggest the quality of the show.

Pakistan Music Stars Auditions

The candidates were called for auditions of “Pakistan Music Stars” in July 2011 and now the show has finalized its contestants so no chance for regular entry but may be the show organizers introduce wild card entry at some point in the show.

History of Reality Singing Contests in Pakistan

Well although Pakistani channels have been airing Music Competitions since long and one of the contest in early and mid 1990’s “Music Challenge” on NTM managed to produce quality singers like Shiraz Uppal, Humaira Arshad, Shazia Manzoor, Waris Baig etc. In addition PTV used to on air singing competitions that hunted tuned and trained singers like Rahim Shah and many others on a regular basis until 2002 when all the contests vanished due to poor governance and nepotism in PTV Strategic Management and arrival of Private TV Channels.

This year we saw “Azme Alishan” the National Song singing contest organized its season 2 that did not get the appreciation it deserved due to monopoly of third class Indian Content on major TV Channels of Pakistan. Azm e Alishan was a very good show that revived the spirit of patriotism and lots of new quality National Songs were produced in the show.

We heard about a show called “Surun Ka Jahan” that was all set to go on air on a famous TV channel of Pakistan this year while the auditions were open until 9th May 2011 but it seems the project is still in the pipeline. Any body interested in participation may visit the website of Surun ka Jahan by clicking on the link below

Surun Ka Jahan Website

If we look at history of grand level singing shows organized in Pakistan then we remember 2006 when ATV inaugurated their unique singing talent show “Khiladi Sur Taal Ke” that hunted some sensational singers from Pakistan out which a couple of singers like Musarrat Abbas, Faraz Butt represented Pakistan in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge” on Zee TV India. In late 2006 and 2007 a Karachi based singing show called “Gao Celebrity Ban Jao” on Geo TV also hunted some very competent singers out of which two Sikandar and Wasi Effandi represented Pakistan in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007”.

After that we witnessed Indus Vision the oldest and largest Private Satellite TV Channel organizing their first Nationwide Singing Talent Hunt Contest called “Pakistan Sangeet Icon” whose season 1 was a massive hit with discoveries of above the mark singers like Asad Abbas from Faisalabad and Haroon Shahid the lead vocalist of SYMT Band. The show was supposed to continue for years to come but the failure of Pakistan Sangeet Icon Season 2 due to incompetent Judges who ignored precious talent was a major factor for the discontinuation.

We saw LG Awaaz Banaey Star on Geo TV in 2009 that was also a major flop due to the out of tune untrained singers, irrelevantly lengthy continued for more then one year and obsolete format.

Geo TV impaired “Pakistan Idol” the globally renowned Singing Contest on Din News in 2007 by claiming they have the rights for the show. In all the fight Geo TV ditched due to which the show was called off and postponed for infinite period of time.

Now lets see if we get to see more Singing Talent being hunted in fertile land of Pakistan which is the hub for original and quality music.

pakistan music star ary digital

pakistan music stars ary digital

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