Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak

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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone is one of the most desirable smart phones that exist today. Apple gained massive success for its iPhone 3Gs and hype has been created already for iPhone 5 that is expected to be unveiled sometime in October 2011.

If you are an existing or potential iPhone user, you might probably have heard about iPhone Jailbreak and iPhone Carrier Unlock or iPhone SIM Unlock. If you are alien to any of these processes then read my detailed tutorials detailing basic facts

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iPhone Carrier Unlock – A Beginners Guide

Well as jailbreak is a kind of hacking but it can not be attributed to piracy. In the United States of America Jailbreaking Smart Phones and Tablet Devices has been declared legal, although the legislation for Gaming Consoles and Other Devices Jailbreak is yet to be enacted.

iPhone is legal to jailbreak in the US as it only adds functions and features to the iPhone that have not been envisioned by Apple.

A majority the processes have their pros and cons, in the same manner iPhone jailbreak has its benefits as well as disadvantages. As the popularity of iPhone is creeping up, Jailbreaking is turning out to be a common procedure for many iPhone user’s. In this light Apple has now lifted certain restrictions in their iOS 5 and user’s can enjoy exciting features in iPhone like Wi-Fi Tethering that were previously unavailable without bothering to jailbreak their iPhone.

In my article I am going to discuss the main benefits of iPhone Jailbreak along with the risks associated after iPhone Jailbreak.

Advantages of iPhone Jailbreak

Well for some user’s the advantages of iPhone Jailbreak exceed its disadvantages. The iPhone user’s can run apps that they want in addition to performing visual customizations.

If we have a recent look look then we may notice Apple acknowledging the importance of iPhone Jailbreak. After observing the frequency of user’s performing iPhone Jailbreak, Apple have added a variety of new features almost 200+ in their latest iOS 5 that were previously absent.

Here are some of the highlighted advantages of iPhone Jailbreak

Enjoy Tethering for Free:-

A few months ago the Apple iOS was quite restrictive over Internet Tethering. Critics were citing in order to facilitate cell phone carriers Apple wants user’s to subscribe Mobile Internet only for their iPhone and pay high upfront and monthly fee. Prior to iOS 4.3 in which Apple officially added the support for Wi-Fi Tethering the user’s had to jailbreak their iPhone in order to use free Tethering services. Although iOS 5 supports Wi-Fi Tethering but free App “MyWi” available on Jailbroken iPhone via Cydia has been quite successful.

Face Time Video Chat:-

One of the most adorable features of iPhone 4 is the Face Time Video chat facility. Although iOS 4 and iOS 5 support Face Time Video chat but only over 3G Internet connections. If a user wants to use Face Time Video Calling feature over Wi-Fi Internet connectivity then he has to jailbreak his iPhone for installing apps “My 3G” or “3G Unrestrictor” to dodge iPhone about using 3G when you are connected to Wi-Fi Network.

Install Third Party Apps:-

The main reason why user’s jailbreak their iPhone remains the installation of third party apps that have not yet passed Apple’s quality test. A lot of developers have developed useful Apps for the iPhone that have not yet been approved by Apple for their iOS. For instance Google Voice was pending for approval by Apple Inc for a couple of months before it was officially available at the Apple iTunes Store while user’s were enjoying Google Voice on Jailbroken iPhone via Cydia.

Customize your Springboard::-

Springboard is the default Desktop Home Screen of your iPhone with App Icons. Well although in the iOS 4 and iOS 5 Apple have introduced the features to customize the springboard like introduction of some themes and Folders to categorize Apps within the Home Screen but yet an App called “Winterboard” available over jailbroken iPhone via Cydia allows the user to choose various cool themes, tweaks, wallpapers and can even change App icons.

Create Shortcut Icons on Home Screen:-

Although Apple supports a variety of features like Wi-fi tethering but the user has to navigate through various screens to turn on a setting like for turning on the Wi-Fi Connectivity the user has to first Browse Settings then hit Wi-Fi to access Wi-Fi Toggle Switch. Once Jailbroken the users can download tweaks via Cydia that can create a single shortcut button on home screen just like any App and tapping that shortcut will turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Services.

Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak:-

Well with the increasing number of user’s interested in iPhone Jailbreak the procedure to Jailbreak iPhone has turned more reliable. As a lot of user’s who jailbreak their iPhone face certain minor problems so various Internet Forums are assisting them with the solutions to troubleshoot their device.

Here i am highlighting the major disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak

Bricking the Device:-

Bricking means damaged or useless. The problem is that if the iPhone Jailbreak is done wrong then it will make the device useless. As a solution the user can restore original firmware via iTunes to get the Device back into action.

Voiding of warranty:-

After iPhone jailbreak the Warranty of the iPhone is voided due to the reason of tampering the device. Although Jailbreak can be reversed and if the firmware is updated it can be downgraded too.

Vulnerability to Virus:-

Well as Cydia is unofficial Apps store so certain malicious Apps also exist on Cydia Apps Store. The user’s need to practice high vigilance while installing any App via Cydia otherwise they may infect their iPhone to virus programs. See a previous article about anti virus program in a smartphone

How Vital Is Antivirus Software on Smartphones?


Well now as iPhone Jailbreak is very common among iPhone owners so the user’s may give iPhone Jailbreak a try as it yields more positives then negatives. One reason i would quote is as iPhone Jailbreaking has been made legal in the United States of America USA so it means iPhone Jailbreak has turned a bit more reliable that even Government has allowed it. With the detailed guidelines for Jailbreak along with jailbreak solutions and the increasing number of iPhone experts ready to help the user’s over internet it is possible that user’s may troubleshoot the errors if any after iPhone Jailbreak.

advantages disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak

Well i hope this guide was helpful. Have your say about “Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak” in the comments section below.

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