iPhone Jailbreak – A Beginners Guide

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iPhone Jailbreak – A Beginners Guide

iPhone is one of the best smart phones available in the market today. Apple Inc has gained notable success since the release of their sizzling sensation “iPhone” that is a massive hit globally. The newest version of iPhone series the “iPhone 5” is expected to roll out somewhere in October 2011 and is expected to generate high sales like preceding versions.

Well if you are an iPhone owner or are planning to purchase an iPhone then you might have probably heard about iPhone Jailbreak during your research phase about an iPhone. In the beginning all the terminologies like Tethered Jailbreak / Untethered Jailbreak, Cydia, Carrier Unlocking may sound a bit technical so here is my tutorial to introduce newbies about iPhone Jailbreak.

iPhone Jailbreak Solution is intended to add some functions within the iPhone that are absent by default due to the security limitations imposed in Apple iOS Operating System.

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

Just as we take literal meaning of the word “jailbreak” it would mean breaking out of jail or freedom from unwanted custody. As Apple iPhone is a reputed gadget, so by default is only compatible to work with a selected number of premium and free apps available at the Apple iTunes Apps Store. By default iPhone lacks certain tempting features that iPhone owners want within their device.

In order to facilitate iPhone User’s certain hacker’s design Jailbreak Solutions that allow the iPhone user’s enjoy more exciting features within their iPhone device.

Jailbreaking iPhone means to get to the root of Apple iOS Operating System running on the iPhone and bypass the security restrictions to practice some modifications in iOS and allow unofficial/unsupported code execute successfully on the Apple iPhone.

iPhone Jailbreak Explanation:-

Actually Jailbreaking iPhone could be thought of as a type of hacking iOS Operating System, that is useful and adds exciting features into the iPhone. This hacking is preferred by many iPhone user’s because it can be reversed by downgrading or restoring the original the iOS firmware.

In easy terms iPhone Jailbreak Solution is designed by hackers using the security exploits existent within the Apple iOS to remove the default limitations imposed by Apple within their iOS.

Once Jailbroken the iPhone user’s can access full read and write permissions on all the partitions of their iPhone device and have the ability to customize their operating system to install third party apps, do some visual display and apps customization, practice some tweaks, carrier unlock their iPhone, use features like Internet Tethering etc.

Caution:- Well the procedure of iPhone Jailbreak is not difficult but should be carried out carefully otherwise any wrong step might render your iPhone Device damaged and useless. Jailbreaking your iPhone will void the warranty for your iPhone although the Jailbreak can be reversed by restoring the original firmware.

The Tutorials to Jailbreak iPhone are different according to the iOS firmware version the device is running. To Know your firmware version Tap “Settings” within your Springboard. Now press General and Browse About. Here you will know about your iPhone Device IMEI Number, iOS Firmware Version and Baseband.

iPhone Carrier Unlock Vs iPhone Jailbreak Difference

A lot of iPhone user’s in the beginning confuse iPhone Carrier Unlock with the iPhone Jailbreak. Let me clarify one thing iPhone Jailbreak and iPhone Carrier Unlock are two distinct terminologies. iPhone Jailbreak is meant to gain read and write access on device partitions while iPhone Carrier Unlock is designed to unlock and prepare iPhone to be used on any Cell Phone Carrier (Mobile Phone Operator/ Mobile Phone Service Provider). Here is my detailed tutorial about iPhone Carrier Unlock and its Distinction with iPhone Jailbreak.

iPhone Carrier Unlock – A Beginners Guide

Cydia – iPhone Jailbreak

Once Jailbroken the iPhone user’s are prompted to install “Cydia” one of the most important tools to enjoy iPhone experience after iPhone Jailbreak. Cydia is the market place for the unofficial apps that run on Jailbroken iPhone. Cydia has various repositories like the Big Boss, ModMYi etc.

Once Jailbroken and carrier unlocked the iPhone can make calls, send receive text messages but also use apps available in the Apple iTunes Apps Store which means iPhone Jailbreak only adds new functions while existing features are untouched..

Caution:- Cydia also has dangerous apps that could damage the device so be careful and do a lot of research before downloading any App.


Repositories could be thought of as servers from where software and applications can be downloaded on a device. For iPhone the unofficial Market Place of Apps for Jailbroken Apps “Cydia” has certain repositories out which famous one’s are “Big Boss” and “ModMYI”.

Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak

If i describe the summary of this section in a nutshell of few words it would be “Untethered Jailbreak is better then Tethered Jailbreak”.

There are various Jailbreak Tools that use different methods to Jailbreak iPhone. One of the older methods to bypass Apple iOS iBoot security software signature check while booting iPhone is Tethered Jailbreak.

Being precise Tethered Jailbreak is a type of iPhone Jailbreak in which the iPhone needs to be connected with a PC running Windows or Mac OS X every time the iPhone reboots with the exception of Stand By Mode. This means that in order to Jailbreak the iOS the iPhone needs to be connected with a PC or Mac both when first Jailbroken and also if the iPhone has to reboot. This method is inconvenient as if the iPhone owner is traveling and his battery runs out of power then he may not turn on his iPhone unless it is connected to a PC/Mac and the same Jailbreak Tool is turned On that was used to jailbreak the Device. If the user turns on the iPhone that used Tethered Jailbreak without the connectivity to a PC/Mac then after rebooting the iPhone the device will enter a “Recovery Mode” or “Recovery Loop” and will be dead unless booted when synced to PC/Mac. The common tools for Tethered jailbreak are Blackra1n, Redsn0w etc.

Untethered Jailbreak is a more preferable method of Jailbreaking the iPhone. In this method the user needs not to connect his iPhone with a Computer every time his iPhone reboots. The only connectivity is required when the device is first Jailbroken. This is a more suitable Jailbreak method. The common tools for Untethered Jailbreak are Pwnage Tool, Sn0wBreeze, GreenPois0n etc.

Well a famous Jailbreak Tool “JailbreakMe” does not require iPhone to be connected with a PC/Mac for Jailbreak. This is a modern form of Jailbreak solution that uses a simple bug existent in Apple iOS Safari Web Browser for injecting hacking code.

Upgrade Firmware Version after iPhone Jailbreak

If you are an iPhone user for a couple of months then you might have observed the iTunes prompting you to upgrade your device firmware to the latest iOS version released.

Actually this firmware update of iOS by Apple is a cat and mouse game between Apple and the Hackers. Once the hackers find a security exploit in iOS version for designing Jailbreak Solution and make it public then Apple responds while trying to fix those patches in their next iOS firmware update along with some bug fixes.

Caution:- If you have a Jailbroken iPhone then remember to resist your temptation of upgrading to the latest iOS firmware and do some research if the jailbreak solution exists for the updated firmware. Once the user updates his device firmware he has to Jailbreak his iPhone again.

iPhone Jailbreak Tools

iPhone Jailbreak Tools are software designed by hackers which assist the iPhone user Jailbreak his iPhone Device. The most popular Jailbreak Tool is Redsn0w which is available both for Mac OS X and Windows OS. Other Tools are Sn0wBreeze, Blackra1n, Limera1n, Jailbreakme and Pwnage Tool, If an iPhone user wants to carrier unlock his iPhone he can preserve his baseband through Pwnage Tool and Sn0wBreeze and then unlock the iPhone using Ultrasn0w.

Advantages/Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone Jailbreak has both advantages and disadvantages. Although the major advantage of iPhone Jailbreak is to install third party apps, perform visual customization and carrier unlock iPhone whilst the major disadvantages include expiry of warranty, vulnerability to virus and other factors. See the following articles to know more about the major advantages and disadvantages before deciding to jailbreak your iPhone

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone Jailbreak.

iphone jailbreak a beginners guide

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