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The publication contains editors iPhone 4S Preliminary Review. The review highlights the new features introduced within the device and their usability

Yesterday night was Tuesday October 4th 2011 in Pakistan when as a curious blogger I was observing various US based websites writing live updates from Apple Let’s Talk event held in Cupertino california.

A lot of user’s were expecting the new generation iPhone 5 to roll out yesterday but to the surprise Apple instead released iPhone 4S that will hit the USA markets on 14th October 2011 with pre orders are beginning from 7th October 2011.

It was speculated that iOS 5 will be released for iPhone 5 but rather Apple Inc. reserved this revised version iOS 5 of their firmware for the iPhone 4S. The final version of iOS 5 is going to roll out as a free of cost upgrade on October 12 2011 via Apple iTunes Store.

Well it’s been less then 24 hours since the release of iPhone 4S but yet I haven’t got my hands on the new iPhone 4S but according to the information I have gathered from various Blogs that were attending Apple Let’s Talk event and my personal analytical views and expectations I have compiled this preliminary review of Apple iPhone 4S exclusively for the audience of Rise Dream.Com Blog.

Let’s just begin with the physical design. There is no change in design from iPhone 4. Although a majority of specifications in the iPhone 4S resemble that in the iPhone 4 but Apple was clever enough to do some substantial hardware upgrades to make iPhone 4S worth purchasing by existing iPhone 4 user’s.

iPhone 4S


The iPhone 4S has not experienced a major design modification from the preceding iPhone 4 model. Infact the iPhone 4 user’s may call it an iPhone 4S with similar design structure as that of iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S comprises of the same sleek and stylish external body that attracts user’s though dashing looks.


The iPhone 4S is available in White and Black casing colors just like the previous model iPhone 4. It seems that Apple is not interested in adding some new colors to their sizzling smart phone.


The rumors that were circulating prior to the release of iPhone 4S proved right and iPhone 4S features an 8 Mega Pixel Camera on its backside along with a front facing VGA camera for Facetime Video chat with a far better picture quality result as compared to 5 Mega Pixel iPhone 4.

Just like the iPhone 4, the camera in iPhone 4S features autofocus that lets the iPhone decide itself the best zoom location to have a high quality pictures, auto white balance to control brightness, tap to focus feature for user’s manual focus adjustment, the LED flash to take pictures in the night or an area where light is dim and the Backside illumination sensor.

In the iPhone 4S five element lens has been installed resulting in better picture quality and improved colors unlike iPhone 4 where only four element lens was installed. In the iPhone 4S auto face detection has been introduced that was absent in the predecessor models.

Facetime Video Chat

Facetime Video chat has been enabled in the iPhone 4S like in the iPhone 4 but only over Wi-Fi connectivity. The user’s still can not make FaceTime video calls over 3G Internet Connectivity unless they Jailbreak their iPhone 4S.

Apple officially introduced the Facetime Video chat service over Wi-Fi Internet connectivity in iOS 4.2 update earlier this year keeping in view the demand for Facetime Video Chat service. Although Jailbroken iPhone user’s were able to utilize Facetime Video chat over 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity prior to its official introduction in the iOS. The front facing VGA camera is expected to produce the same picture quality during Video Chat as the preceding iPhone 4.

Weight and Dimensions

The iPhone 4S is same in size, dimensions and design with the previous model iPhone 4 but small increase in weight is evident. The iPhone 4 weighed 137 grams while iPhone 4S weighs 140 grams that could be attributed to the hardware upgrades in iPhone 4S. The formal dimensions and weight statistics for iPhone 4S is written below

Height: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm)
Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)
Depth: 0.37 inch (9.3 mm)
Weight: 4.9 ounces (140 grams)


The display of iPhone 4S has the same specifications as that in the iPhone 4 although better graphics make this iPhone 4S worthwhile trying. The Display capabilities of iPhone 4S are identical to those in iPhone 4 with minor improvements in the graphics display. The formal Display Specifications for the iPhone 4 are

960-by-640 resolution
326 ppi

Cellular and Wireless Features

Apple iPhone 4S is cited as a World Phone in which just one model supports both GSM and CDMA Network connectivity. This is something that adds a thumb up to the iPhone 4S which supersedes iPhone 4 where consumers have to choose between two different models out of which one supports GSM and the other supports CDMA Network Connectivity according to the nature of services provided by their cellular carrier.

The iPhone 4S features Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity which is replaced by Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity of the iPhone 4. This upgrade means that files or data of large sizes can be exchanged over Bluetooth connectivity in less time. The formal Wireless and cellular connectivity features are written below

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Life:-

iPhone 4S features an improved battery life and Talk Time. Apple iPhone 4S claims talk time of up to 8 hours on 3G connectivity while 14 hours on 2G or GSM connectivity. The Standby Time is up to 200 hours that’s enough for iPhone 4S while the faster A5 processor does not consumer too much of battery life. Although I don’t own an iPhone 4S yet so i can not confirm this claim.

Video Recording:-

The rumors about the 1080 p HD video recording capabilities of the iPhone 5 proved authentic for iPhone 4S. Yes the latest iPhone 4S features 1080 p 30 fps HD Video recording with Tap to Focus feature while recording along with real time video stabilization, real time noise reduction and LED Light for a better video result captured by the 8 Mega Pixel camera.


The latest iPhone 4S features a Dual Core A5 chip fast processor that visibly improves the boot time of iPhone 4S and faster loading of the springboard, the loading and reloading time of memory consuming heavy Apps like Movie Players is improved visibly courtesy the A5 Dual core processor chip.

The interesting part is that iPhone 4S does not consume too much of battery life while running heavy dual core A5 processor. Well we have to wait to see our hands on then iPhone 4S before we can actually confirm the A5 chip Dual core processor installed in iPhone 4S is the same as that in the iPad 2 or is a low intensity one like rumored before.

iPhone 4S Gaming Experience:-

The A5 Dual Core fast processor chip may not only improve load time of Apps but also provide a better gaming experience for all Gaming Geeks out there. iPhone 4S gives a 7x better gaming experience as compared to the iPhone 4.

Airplay Mirroring:-

Air Mirroring is possible with the iPhone 4S. As iPhone 4S features a fast A5 dual core processor chip that gives 7x better gaming experience when compared to the iPhone 4 so the user’s may sync their device to larger screens to have a better gaming experience of PS 3 sort on the iPhone 4S.


Well in the iPhone 4 there were certain Antenna issues acknowledged by the Apple Inc that led to rapid signal drop and call dropouts if the user holds iPhone at a certain angle. Unlike iPhone 4 the latest iPhone 4S has focused more on the call quality to reduce call dropouts. The facility of switching between the Antennas to enhance call quality will certainly be welcomed by iPhone 4S users craving a high quality calls being made from their iPhone 4S.

Download Speed

Although Apple iPhone 4S does not support the latest/advanced but expensive 4G technology connectivity but yet claims to achieve the 4G LTE Speed for supporting downloading speed of up to 14.4 Mbps per second when compared to almost 7.2 on iPhone 4. This indicates that iPhone 5 will feature 4G connectivity but we have to first confirm the speed claim for iPhone 4S which according to some critics is not true at least for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Siri Voice to Text Translation Service

One of the most innovative and long dreamed feature introduced in the iPhone 4S is the Siri “Voice to Text Service”. This is interactive service only supported for the iOS 5 running on the iPhone 4S but lets see if hackers could enable this service on other iOS 5 supported devices or not.

Siri is the speech to Text Translation service that lets you speak orally and the iPhone 4S will act upon your advice. Through Siri the user’s will actually be talking to their iPhone 4S. for example if i ask for a location in Karachi Pakistan the Siri will display Maps, if i ask for Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index summary it will display the summary, from weather forecasts to current time in any other country. The iPhone user’s can ask various questions through this service like What is the Independence Day of Pakistan? The Answer is 14th August etc and Siri will search Wikipedia and Google for the possible answer.

Siri also let’s iPhone 4S user’s type long emails by just tapping on the Microphone icon visible next to space button in the keyboard once Siri is activated.

The website Siri.Com was under Apple Inc ownership for another company controlled by Apple Inc but since the announcement of iPhone 4S this website is redirected to Apple Inc Main website.

No ability to make Icons for Folders

As evident in the preceding versions iPhone 4S does not support the ability to customize springboard by adding custom icons for various folders. Although now iOS 5 natively supports making new folders and grouping Apps within the folder. A lot of user’s try to customize the Springboard of Jailbroken iPhone via various Tweaks and Tricks available on Cydia Jailbroken Apps Store.

iPhone 4S Carriers

iPhone 4S is available on Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT & T in the US while Orange Mobile and Vodafone will offer iPhone 4S in the UK. I wish iPhone 4S releases officially in Pakistan with Ufone GSM Cellular Carrier.

Some General features Missing in iPhone 4S

Just like the predecessor versions iPhone 4S lacks certain tempting features desired by larger audience especially Pakistani’s. iPhone 4S has No AM / FM Radio Integration which is desired by many user’s across Pakistan, Apple wants you to purchase a separate Apple TV 2G so has added no support for the HDTV Tuner, Well this is the most crucial thing that makes HTC Desire S rank ahead of Apple iPhone 4S at least in my views, iPhone 4S has No External Memory Card Slots to increase the memory capacity of the iPhone 4S. A lot of user’s could be wishing to improve the memory capacity of their iPhone 4S but in vein because Apple charges you large amount of money if you want more storage capacity almost $100 for doubling your memory but only if brand new iPhone 4S is to be purchased.

iOS 5

The latest iOS 5 is natively installed and executed on then iPhone 4S. The iOS 5 has exciting features like improved Reminders, improved Notification services, Air Play Mirroring, iMessage and iCloud services integration.


The iMessage service offered by iOS 5 is innovative and unique in a sense that this iOS 5 service will let the user’s send and receive unlimited Text Messages for free over Wi-Fi connectivity to a user having iOS 5 powered device.


Realizing the importance and popularity of the cloud based services Apple Inc have themselves stepped into the Cloud Service providers Industry. iCloud is the latest cloud based storage service for user data, photo’s, documents, Phonebook contacts, iTunes music etc. Initially Apple iCloud is offering 5 GB of free space to all iOS user’s but $20 is charged for 10GB space, $40 for 20GB space annually. Once activated the iOS 5 wirelessly pushes any new phonebook contact, any new picture or new music song within the iPhone 4S to Apple iCloud Servers which can be accessed modified and restored in the iCloud remote servers.


This time around Apple Inc has kept low prices for iPhone 4S in the US so that more people could afford it. Apple Inc is selling iPhone 4S 16 GB model for $199, iPhone 4S 32 GB model for $299 and iPhone 4S 64GB model for $399. iPhone 4 16GB model is available for $99 and iPhone 3GS is offered free of cost with a two year contract with a cellular carrier.


Although iPhone 4S features an external design similar to iPhone 4 with almost same features but Apple was clever enough to pour in some new feature additions like the Siri which is exclusive for the iPhone 4S along with some hardware upgrades like A5 Dual Core Processor, 8 Mega Pixel Camera and 1080 hp HD Video recording to attract consumers towards the latest iPhone 4S. If you are an iPhone 4 user then you can sell your existing iPhone 4 to Apple Inc for $200 in the recycle and reuse program to gain sufficient funds for purchasing iPhone 4S or if you are in a contract with a carrier for the iPhone 4 then you may ask your cellular carrier for upgrade towards iPhone 4S from iPhone 4 although various cellular carriers have their own criteria, terms and conditions for this matter. If you are to purchase a brand new iPhone 4S with a two year contract then i would recommend you to purchase iPhone 4 instead that costs $99 for 16GB model. If you are to buy a factory unlocked brand new iPhone then iPhone 4S is the right choice for you otherwise existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS user’s should wait for the arrival to iPhone 5 to upgrade their devices.

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