Sell used iPhone 4 to Apple for $200

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If you wanna sell used iPhone 4 to have the new iPhone 4S than Apple is offering $200 in exchange for your iPhone 4 White old model

Since Apple Inc have released the new generation of their iPhone called the iPhone 4S a lot of existing iPhone user’s may be craving to upgrade their iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S or purchase a brand new iPhone 4S starting at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB storage Capacity.

For all those geeks who love the new iPhone 4S but do not find sufficient funds to purchase the latest iPhone 4S may sell their existing 16 GB used iPhone 4 White Casing Model to Apple Inc. for $200 while the 16GB used iPhone 4 Black Model may be sold to Apple Inc for $180. These iPhone 4 models are being purchased by Apple Inc in view of recycle and reuse initiative.

Although the price to be paid by the Apple depends upon the physical and hardware condition of the iPhone 4 being sold.


From a consumers perspective this is a very good move by Apple to facilitate those user’s who are fond of having the latest model iPhone 4S in their possession but could not find enough sources to accumulate funds needed to purchase the new iPhone 4S. Infact iPhone 4 user’s should utilize this offer to have themselves a brand new iPhone 4S.

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2 Comments to Sell used iPhone 4 to Apple for $200

  1. Now that the iPhone 4S has a better antenna, I’m kissing my iPhone 4’s
    death grip goodbye. I checked out the offers for an iPhone 4 32G Verizon in
    mint condition and here’s what I got: $268 (Cash for iPhones), $204 (Gazelle)
    and $250 (Totem).  Will definitely sell
    mine to the actual top bidder. So excited to see how Siri will blow my mind!

  2. Can’t help but give in to the 8 megapixel camera of the new iPhone 4S.
    I’m ditching my iPhone 3GS 16 GB for $171. I can’t believe that Cash for
    iPhones is offering me this much considering that my device is OLD.  Turns out that iPhones do have a high resale
    value compared to other smart phones – I’d say it’s worth the money I spent 2
    years ago!

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