Firefox 8 Beta Adds Twitter Search

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The best web browser Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta version has added support for searching tweets over Twitter social network.

Mozilla Firefox supports Twitter Search

As a part of the frequent update strategy by Mozilla, it has come up with its brand new beta version of Firefox8 with fewer but more daily use changes. There are a plenty of improvements and some new features in Firefox 8 like searching, handling of the tabs, installation and management of the add-ons etc.

The beta launch of Firefox8 is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Devices.

One of the new features added by Mozilla is the Twitter search.
Firefox 8 menus will have Twitter (Social Network) as the search option. If you select the twitter option, anything typed in the search bar will be searched completely on Twitter. This search engine will allow the users to make a search on twitter using a username and hashtags etc.

Just have a look at the search engine drop down menu options in Firefox 8.

firefox 8 adds twitter search

Other interesting features include for example, the ability to control add-ons. Until now when a user upgraded his Firefox web browser then the compatibility of downloaded add-ons with the newer version was checked. This thing has been completely reversed in Firefox 8 where the user’s can select the add-ons which they wanna continue using whilst dropping unnecessary add-ons..

Mozilla is expecting to release the new Firefox version 8 by mid-November. Let’s wait to observe what kind of response will Firefox receive for its version 8.

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