Why Internet Censorship SOPA/PIPA laws have been postponed?

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Unless you have been living under a rock you might already be aware about the buzz in the media regarding the possible enactment of controversial anti piracy laws SOPA and PIPA in the United States of America.

To the delight of many active internet users including me the law has been deferred for an indefinite period following a wave of protests all across the Internet and the prominent Internet Blackout Day on 18th January 2011.

Let me dig down a bit deeper into this issue to bring you guys the reality behind the law.

Why Internet Censorship SOPA/PIPA laws have been postponed?

Actually keeping myself precise I would explain SOPA is an acronym for (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Internet Protocol) are two controversial laws that were proposed in the US Congress by a Senator last year 2011.

As clear from the introductory paragraph these laws address the piracy across Internet by citing US economy suffers almost $100 billion loss due to online piracy. SOPA/PIPA laws will force payment processing companies based in the US like Paypal as well as advertising programs like Google Adsense to curtail their business activities with any of the website infringing copyrights. The Internet Service Providers will be bound to restrict access to such reported websites and the search engines will have to remove all such indexed pages. The user privacy upon social media websites will be halted by the employees of these websites having to remove any copyrighted material posted on the user account. This will surely be the end of an era of Internet and change the way we communicate.

The possible proposal of these laws in the Congress addressed the intense pressure exerted upon US Government by Software Houses and Entertainment Companies who demanded devising a proper mechanism to curb alarming levels of online piracy that causes them to incur substantial losses.

Since these laws have emerged out in the spotlight there has been a wave of debate and some serious concerns raised among both Internet Service Providers as well as Internet users, regarding the integrity of Internet.

As a good news both of these two laws were scheduled to be approved in the Congress on 24 January 2012 but noticing the intense level of anger across the Internet and in the US streets.

In the light of recent events, on Friday 20 January 2012, The US Government has temporarily backed out from these controversial pair of laws placing them on hold indefinitely unless a wider agreement is reached with stakeholders and also casting a doubt upon their future viability.

Although the tide has turned its direction but yet not ended. Still chances exist for the possible enactment of these controversial laws sometime in the future.

Our Stance on SOPA/PIPA:-

Well although we are highly against piracy but curbing piracy by closing the most highly followed websites like YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia etc is not the right way. If these laws get approved the tech geeks all across the world will lose their jobs for nothing. For the benefits of minority one can not tease a majority.

If these two laws especially SOPA gets approved in the US Parliament then it is the death of Internet as pronounced by expert IT geeks. We are highly against piracy but not in a mood to comment upon SOPA/PIPA although we don’t appreciate it.


What’s your opinion on SOPA/PIPA drop us a comment below.

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