Sur Ki Baazi Sur Kshetra Pakistan Auditions controversy heats up?

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If you are living in Pakistan and use electronic or print media either directly or indirectly then you might be aware of the recent buzz circulating in the media regarding the upcoming music vocal singing reality show called“Sur Ki Baazi” on Geo TV Pakistan or the same“Sur Kshetra” on Sahara One India featuring 10 contestants from each India and Pakistan.

As you might have heard about the show being a battle between Indian and Pakistani singers so now I won’t be wasting your time by filling this post with irrelevant stuff. Just refer to an old story published on my blog last year

Kshetra Pakistan India Music Reality Show 2012 Auditions in Pakistan

In this detailed post I informed everybody about the upcoming auditions for a big music reality TV show called “Sur Kshetra” which was all set to get airplay on Sahara One an Indian TV Channel. This post was published on 24th December 2011 and we clearly told all interested parties that auditions in Karachi were already held at that time on 23 December 2011 and were due to be conducted in Lahore on Sunday 25th December 2011 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. I am not sure but somebody posted on Facebook the auditions in Islamabad were conducted silently on December 16th 2011 but that’s not confirm.

As expected the preliminary auditions were held as scheduled, afterwards a mega audition was done in Lahore comprising contestants from across Pakistan where Atif Aslam was the judge and all work was completed on 28th December 2011.

Another Pakistani website Pakium backs my opinion as this guy was present at the Karachi auditions venue.

If you read my post I speculated about GEO TV to on air this show in Pakistan and things unfolded rightly so.

“Sur Ki Baazi” “Sur Kshetra” Pakistan Auditions controversial aspect

The controversy took tide when I was shocked to see GEO TV airing the promo for the auditions of the show that were poised to be conducted on 17th and 18th January 2012. I thought the auditions had already been conducted and the 10 selected candidates flew to Dubai on 13th January 2012 so kept my lips tightly zipped and did not update my previous post.

Now just see what happened, when the auditions were conducted on 17th and 18th January 2012 the judges were Muhammad Ali from Suroor Band in karachi “Venue Khayaban e Rahat Club DHA” and Shaukat Ali in Lahore “Ali Auditorium Ferozepur Road”.

Much hype was created regarding the show so I even heard about a few potential candidates flying to Pakistan from Middle East countries just to try their luck out for this mega reality show but in vein as the contestants were already finalized and even shot the promos and final auditions in Dubai by that time and final rehearsals for the first episode were done on 18th January 2012 when Geo TV was busy hunting the so called talent.

Now on Facebook, some guys posted about the mismanagement at the auditions venue, they told the singers were not allowed to hum more then a few words, registration through SMS was not mandatory and at the venue all the candidates were given equal chances regardless of whether they registered themselves or not.

Now here comes the real twist, Atif Aslam announced on his Official Facebook Fan Page on Wednesday 18 January 2012

“I wish I was there to select my team at the auditions on 17th and 18th Jan”

When I saw the auditions promo getting airplay on GEO TV I was startled to see Atif Aslam taking the auditions while sitting in the front of Sur Kshetra Banner conducting auditions, when Atif missed Karachi auditions so how come GEO TV shoot such promos in Atif’s Absence. Here is a snapshot of Atif’s Facebook Page on Wednesday 18 January 2012

atif aslam official fan page

Refer to my previous posts where I told you guys to keep in touch with Elixir Media and Productions Facebook Page. Had you followed that page on December 23 and December 25 they posted the pictures from auditions that were conducted by Atif Aslam and I am not 100% sure but i think the same auditions have been on aired on GEO TV as promo.

I think the one’s who invented the marketing idea of creating such a hype forgot that we are living in 2012 not 2002 where the penetration of Internet and social media websites beyond geographical barriers have changed the way we communicate.

For all those geeks who still doubt my opinion by saying how could such a reputed channel do such undervalued act then here comes my next evidence

Here is the list of 10 contestants from Pakistan who flew to Dubai on 13 January 2012 and have shot not only their auditions but also the first episode in which a Pakistani singer Faraz Nayyar got eliminated.

The 10 contestants from Pakistan consist of three girls and seven boys their names are as follow

The source of this list is at Sai Baba Official Website

1- Nadeem Abbas:-

Nadeem Abbas hails from Lahore and was runner up in a famous reality singing show called “Khiladi Sur Taal Ke” on ATV Pakistan back in 2006. According to my anticipation he is one of the strongest candidates in Pakistani team and I think he will gonna represent Pakistani side in the finals.

2- Misha Razzaq

3- Ameer Ali

Ameer Ali is not an alien face on the media who gained fame while he won the famous singing show called “Gao Celebrity Ban Jao” season 1 on GEO TV. Ameer Ali is from Karachi.

4- Ashfaq Hussain

5- Daim Gill

A cute young guy from Pakistan.

6- Faiza Rashid
7- Faraz Ali
8- Imran Ali Akhtar
9- Nabeel Shaukat
10- Faraz Nayyar

Faraz Nayyar is an upcoming Pakistani singer who studied at FC College Lahore. Faraz is the first Pakistani contestant to announce his elimination from the show on 19th January 2011 Thursday just one day after GEO TV finished its auditions.

Faraz Nayyar said on his official Facebook Fan Page

“First of all im thankful to God and all of you for your prayers and best wishes. Today was not my day …my journey of sur kshetra ended today my performance was week due to i am having cough infection but im not tense there are some good news for me some new projects hurrah….”

Well as these are the 10 contestants the host of the show is “Ayesha Takia” a famous Indian Movie actress while the judges of the show are Runa Laila from Bangladesh, Asha Bhosle from India and Abida Parween from Pakistan.

Pakistani team coach in the show is Rustam Fateh Ali Khan. The official Facebook Fan page of Sur kshetra itself admit the first episode for the show has been shot, if GEO TV is right in its opinion then how come the contestants move to Dubai so early.

Below are few pictures before the first episode source of the pictures

Here is a snapshot of Pakistani team with their mentor Rustam Fateh Ali Khan

sur kshetra pakistani contestants with rustam fateh ali khan

Here is a snapshot of Pakistani and Indian Contestants that feature Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame Sara Raza khan

sur kshetra pakistani indian contestants

Here is a picture of one of the contestants Nadeem Abbas with Ayesha Takia

sur-kshetra nadeem abbas ayesha takia

Important Notice:-

Now when I have provided you this much information this does not mean I am trying to trigger controversies and do not get disappointed as where ever there is a will there is a way may be GEO TV will give the selected contestants entry into the final round of the show as a wild card so if you have the talent don’t get discouraged. Keep up your motivation levels and things will unfold in your favor.


First of all this is a personal article published on a technology focused website just to give you guys a live example of the power of social media and how we have changed the way we communicate courtesy Google, Skype and Facebook. This article persuades you to do some research about anything before running after it blindly so that you may save yourself from any unusual aftermath. This article is written at my sole discretion while I have no personal affiliation or grudges to any of the contestants, management, TV channels or other related parties. All the information in this article is gathered from Internet and has none of my personal contributions. No body has forced us to write such article and this article is unbiased but describes a unilateral opinion from the view of contestants not the organizers. We have no intentions to defame, degrade, disappoint or dissuade anyone and no infringement of copyrights is expected as the only image is taken from Atif Aslam fan page and other one from Sur kshetra Fan Page. The author has no personal affiliation with any of the contestants, management, cast, crew or the TV Channels. If this article hurts anybody sentiments or integrity we highly apoplogize and please forgive us as we never meant it. It is just a personal opinion so no intentions to violate any copyright laws or speak ill of anyone. All claims rejected before they arise.

sur kshetra Pakistan audtions

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