Top 15 iPhone 4S Apps Free

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iPhone 4S is the latest revolution in the world of smartphones. Although by default iPhone 4S is loaded with free apps such as Google Maps, Safari Web Browser and Email Application but to make the user experience even more fascinating there is a plethora of free iPhone apps available at the apps store.

Apple iStore is loaded with almost 500,000 Apps from reputed developers so picking up the right apps could be a daunting task but thanks to our editors who have picked out 15 amazing iPhone 4S apps available for free in the Apple iTunes Store that you must install on your device.

Top 15 iPhone 4S Apps

The list of free iPhone 4S apps that enhance user experience, improve productivity and make social networking easy.

1- Facebook for iPhone

Facebook App for iPhone

The Facebook App for iPhone tops our charts courtesy the increasing popularity and rich features offered by the most used social network. The Facebook App for iPhone lets the users connect with their friends, family, favorite celebrities and colleagues on the go and makes posting status updates, comments, photo’s, video’s, notes easier.

Download Facebook App for the iPhone

2- Dropbox

DropBox App for the iPhone

DropBox is one of the finest Apps available for the iPhone. The main reason behind huge popularity remains the hassle free storage, security, privacy and accessibility of important files on the go. DropBox is a free service that lets the users store their important documents, photos, videos, music and other files on their Computers/ DropBox website and access them anywhere on another smartphone, tablet device or computer. The best part is the free 2GB storage capacity provided in free account.

Download DropBox for iPhone

3- iBooks


iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books on the iPhone. iBooks App allows you to download the latest bestselling books or your favorite classics, access books with interactive illustrations and audio, video, animated enhancements. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favorite passages.

Download iBooks for the iPhone

4- Expensify

expensify iphone app

The top rated iPhone App for road warriors and business travelers. Expensify for iPhone lets you sync your credit card and bank account information to track purchases and provides detailed reports for expenses incurred keeping users informed of conforming to their budgets.

Download Expensify iPhone App

5- Twitter for iPhone

Twitter App

Twitter for the iPhone makes tweeting through iPhone a fun. One of the apps that best utilizes the multitasking capabilities of the iOS and offers its users a clean design and stylish user interface. Why not make tweeting your habit courtesy Twitter for iPhone App.

Download Twitter for iPhone

6- Fring

fring iphone

Although the iPhone has inbuilt Facetime Video Calling Feature that does not work on Wi-Fi Internet Connections. To lift this restriction the users can install Fring App for iPhone that lets the users enjoy Facetime Video Calling facility on Wi-Fi as well as 3G Internet connections.

Download Fring App for the iPhone

7- Skype

skype iphone 4s

The Skype for iPhone lets the users enjoy free outgoing and incoming video calls, send and receive instant messages, save some money on competitive international calling rates. Skype is probably a must have App for all smartphones no matter Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS.

Download Skype for iPhone

8- Evernote

Evernote iPhone

Evernote is the most essential app for the iPhone that is a modern diary for iPhone users. Evernote is one of the most useful iPhone App that not only lets you quickly take notes on your device but allows notes in the format of text, audio and video. Evernote is highly recommended for professionals seeking ways to improve productivity.

Download Evernote for iPhone

9- Instagram

instagram iphone

Instagram is a free fun filled App that allows iPhone user’s to quickly edit and share photos from their device hassle free. Currently trusted by by over 15 million users Instagram lets you add special effects to your Photo’s through applying various filters making a photo look stunning.

Download Instagram App for the iPhone

10- Foursquare

foursquare iphone

The Foursquare App for the iPhone lets the users check into places and see what their friends are up to and share experiences. That’s not all Foursquare allows discounts and freebies on deals, recommends the places to travel based on user and friends interests.

Download Foursquare App for the iPhone

11- Pulse News

Pulse News

Pulse News is one of the best apps for users who want to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world. Pulse News brings top news from blogs and newspapers in a user friendly format easy to read and easy to share and offers its users seamless fluid experience that makes news exciting and accurate.

Download Pulse News for iPhone

12- Springpad


Springpad is an awesome free iPhone App that contributes in enhancing user productivity. You could easily take notes, save ideas and information from the Web and your Phone. The Springpad App could easily serve as diary for iPhone 4S users.

Download Springpad App for iPhone 4s

13- Opera Mini


For all those avid iPhone users thinking in built web browser to be the best, here comes Opera Mini which is a much better web browser when compared to the Apple Safari. Opera Mini lets you enjoy high quality experience while browsing web pages quickly courtesy the advanced lightning features and neat user interface.

Download Opera Mini App for iPhone

14- Nook by Barnes and Noble

Nook App iPhone 4S

Nook by Barnes and Noble is an awesome free iPhone App that lets you access over 2 Million Premium Books available at Nook, Thousands of Free Books and sample books. Nook delivers your favorite magazines and journals to your iPhone and offers attractive features such as adjustable font size, brightness control, lets you take notes and search within books.

Download Nook for iPhone

15- Weather Channel

iPhone Weather Channel

For all those users who think the default weather app for the iPhone 4S does not match their needs here comes the perfect replacement. The Weather App for iPhone provides detailed hourly and 10 day weather forecasts, interactive maps, animated radars, push alerts for pollen levels in the US.

Download Weather Channel App for iPhone

Top iPhone 4S Apps

I hope you admire these iPhone apps as I did. Please don’t forget to keep your comments rolling in.

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