Sony & Panasonic Collaborate on Producing OLED Panels

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It seems something is cooking within the headquarters of Japanese Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Companies.

A news today popped out over the internet that grabbed my attention “Sony and Panasonic to Jointly produce OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Panels, Module and other Technology for TV and large screen displays”.

Sony and Panasonic plan to jointly develop next-generation OLED panels and modules by each utilizing their core and printing technologies. They plan to jointly develop printing method-based next-generation OLED technology, which will be suitable for low-cost mass production of large, high resolution OLED panels and modules.

It seems both Sony and Panasonic have plans for mass production and huge sales in the forthcoming 2013.

Analyzing the story, from the first impression it was obvious that this strategic alliance is an effort to reduce the overall manufacturing costs of OLED screens and to capture some market share from Korean Giant Samsung which is gradually gaining a large market share not only in the world of smartphones but other areas as well.

Samsung has gained huge success with OLED Screen Displays in smartphones like Samsung Note while other competitors in the field include LG, Sharp, Toshiba and pretty soon Apple Inc. It seems this collaboration gonna result into success for both giants.

OLED displays provide more vibrant and accurate colors than other display technologies, but LCDs are much cheaper to produce and thus highly popular among the masses.

Let’s see how much benefit will the end users get in the form of affordable prices and durable quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note

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